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2 Seasons
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Sex writer Karley Sciortino looks up, down, and inside to find answers that challenge outdated notions of female sexuality, gender, and love.

  • 18+
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  • Sex
  • Nudity
  • Mature Themes


  • Happy Endings

    1. Happy Endings

    In the name of gender equality, Karley hunts for her happy ending.

    22m 26s

  • Lifestyle Slaves

    2. Lifestyle Slaves

    Karley spends time with a dominatrix and her platonic lifestyle slave.

    22m 26s

  • Stoned Sex

    3. Stoned Sex

    Karley takes her orgasms to a higher state of consciousness through stoned sex.

    22m 26s

  • Kinky Travel

    4. Kinky Travel

    Karley investigates the kink travel industry, hoping to plan a slutty vacation.

    22m 26s

  • Trans Sexuality

    5. Trans Sexuality

    Karley meets with members of the trans community to talk about sex.

    22m 26s

  • Cam Girls

    6. Cam Girls

    Karley investigates whether camming is the future of porn.

    22m 26s

  • Luxury Sex

    7. Luxury Sex

    Karley explores the world of luxury sex with the help of sex icon Dita Von Teese.

    22m 25s

  • Robot Sex

    8. Robot Sex

    Karley investigates whether sex robots are out to steal our boyfriends.

    22m 26s

  • Ecosexuality

    9. Ecosexuality

    Karley meets ecosexuals who believe that having sex with the Earth can save.

    22m 26s

  • Monster Fantasy

    10. Monster Fantasy

    Karley discovers that monster sex fantasies are more common than expected.

    22m 27s

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Slutever Season 2 Trailer

Slutever Season 2 Trailer

Premieres February 10