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2 Seasons
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A real-life homicide case unfolds through the accounts of the police officers and FBI agents who defined their careers by solving it, aided by investigative techniques from the likes of forensic analysts, trace evidence experts and crime scene technicians.

  • PG


  • The Devil Within

    1. The Devil Within

    A teenager claims an intruder killed her parents.

    44m 32s

  • An Eye for Murder

    2. An Eye for Murder

    A popular ophthalmologist is found murdered.

    44m 27s

  • Minister of Murder

    3. Minister of Murder

    A missing woman's husband claims she ran off with another man.

    44m 33s

  • Old Habits Die Hard

    4. Old Habits Die Hard

    A woman's family refuses to believe she committed suicide and abandon her children.

    44m 30s

  • Blood Money

    5. Blood Money

    A man contacts the FBI after his son is kidnapped; an international kidnapping ring.

    44m 31s

  • Secrets and Bombs

    6. Secrets and Bombs

    Two people are dead and one injured after a series of package bombs go off in Salt Lake City.

    44m 31s

  • Behind Closed Doors

    7. Behind Closed Doors

    A serial killer letter claims responsibility for a woman's death.

    44m 31s

  • The Watch Man

    8. The Watch Man

    Investigators have no leads to follow when a crime scene yields no physical evidence.

    44m 29s

  • Broken Vows

    9. Broken Vows

    Three matching suitcases containing male body parts are found off the coast of Virginia Beach.

    44m 30s

  • Shattered Silence

    10. Shattered Silence

    A surprise tip helps police solve a six-month-old murder investigation.

    44m 29s

  • The Dark Side

    11. The Dark Side

    An 18-year-old woman's body is found in a makeshift grave three weeks after her disappearance.

    44m 31s

  • Burden of Proof

    12. Burden of Proof

    A young mother's body is found days after she disappears; the husband is suspected of the murder.

    44m 31s

  • Grave Danger

    13. Grave Danger

    A woman's parents alert police when she goes missing.

    43m 34s