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Spencer's Big 30

Spencer's Big 30

2 Seasons
QC:  8+
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A fast-paced series featuring healthy, hearty meals for four that can be made by anyone in around 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars. While guiding viewers from prep to plate, host Spencer Watts (Fish the Dish and Watts on the Grill) gives his top tips and tricks for quick cooking time, without sacrificing flavour. Using fresh ingredients and a pantry stocked with everyday goods, Spencer demonstrates how effortless it is to put together a wholesome meal consisting of a main, vegetable, starch and dessert.
Reality, Food, Cooking

  • PG

  • QC: 8+


  • Roast Beef Night

    1. Roast Beef Night

    Chef Spencer Watts makes a delicious family-style roast beef dinner in around 30 minutes.

    22m 5s En

  • Fish & Chips Night

    2. Fish & Chips Night

    Fish and chips are always great for a quick, inexpensive family dinner.

    22m 5s En

  • Pizza Night

    3. Pizza Night

    Pizza night is quick and budget-friendly as Chef Spencer Watts offers up his favourite recipes.

    22m 5s En

  • Curry in a Hurry Night

    4. Curry in a Hurry Night

    Chef Spencer Watts makes a full, family-style Indian meal in around 30 minutes.

    22m 4s En

  • Chinese Take-Out Night

    5. Chinese Take-Out Night

    Why order take-out when you can make it fresher, faster, and even healthier at home?

    22m 5s En

  • Lasagna Night

    6. Lasagna Night

    It’s all about lasagna with Chef Spencer Watts’ delicious and nutritious 30-minute meal.

    22m 5s En

  • Chicken Bake Night

    7. Chicken Bake Night

    Chef Spencer Watts cooks up a quick and nutritious chicken bake meal for four.

    22m 6s En

  • Breakfast for Dinner Night

    8. Breakfast for Dinner Night

    The best way to do a fast, inexpensive dinner for four? Make breakfast for dinner.

    22m 5s En

  • Meatless Monday Night

    9. Meatless Monday Night

    Chef Spencer Watts cooks up a filling vegetarian meal in around 30 minutes.

    22m 5s En

  • Taco Night

    10. Taco Night

    Chef Spencer Watts throws a fun and fresh fiesta for a delicious taco night.

    22m 5s En

  • Fish Night

    11. Fish Night

    Chef Spencer Watts makes a fast, budget-friendly and impressive fish dinner in around 30 minutes.

    22m 5s En

  • Spaghetti Night

    12. Spaghetti Night

    Chef Spencer creates a family spaghetti dinner.

    22m 6s En

  • Fried Chicken Night

    13. Fried Chicken Night

    Chef Spencer Watts whips up all the fixings for a quick and delicious fried chicken night.

    22m 5s En