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Spider Riders

Spider Riders

1 Season
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Hunter Steele and his battle spider defend the world of Arachna.
Kids, Adventure, Animation

  • C8


  • The Inner World

    1. The Inner World

    Hunter accidentally stumbles into the mysterious world of Arachna.

    21m 30s

  • Never Give Up!

    2. Never Give Up!

    Hunter gets his first lesson in being a Spider Rider from Corona; Hunter insults Shadow, and it looks like their partnership may be over.

    21m 30s

  • First Impressions

    3. First Impressions

    A new Spider Rider, Igneous, challenges Shadow and Hunter to a battle at the Arachna Coliseum.

    21m 25s

  • Smells Like Team Spider

    4. Smells Like Team Spider

    Hunter gets his first lesson in being a Spider Rider from Corona.

    21m 30s

  • Memories of Champions

    5. Memories of Champions

    Corona takes Hunter to the Hill of Champions. They meet Galena, a woman whose Spider Rider husband disappeared many years ago.

    21m 30s

  • Spider Riders Ball

    6. Spider Riders Ball

    Corona takes Hunter to the Hill of Champions.

    21m 30s

  • Princely Power

    7. Princely Power

    Prince Lumen's attitude and distaste for practice leave Hunter questioning his ability to lead the Spider Riders.

    21m 30s

  • The Wandering Warrior

    8. The Wandering Warrior

    Hunter and Shadow fall into the Forest of Bewilderment; from which, legend has it, no one has ever escaped.

    21m 29s

  • Hunters Holiday

    9. Hunters Holiday

    Corona and Igneous arrange for Hunter to have a day off but can't understand why he wants to spend it sleeping.

    21m 29s

  • The Mask of Aqune

    10. The Mask of Aqune

    Hunter et ses amis enquêtent sur des gouffres dans un village lointain.

    21m 29s

  • Deadly Distraction

    11. Deadly Distraction

    The Spider Riders must stop Buguese before he breaks through the energy shield.

    21m 29s

  • Keys to Destruction

    12. Keys to Destruction

    The Spider Riders close in on the Spirit Oracles Shrine.

    21m 29s

  • A New Power

    13. A New Power

    The Spider Riders are not strong enought to defeat Bugese's Battle Beetle.

    21m 29s

  • Stag's Challenge

    14. Stag's Challenge

    Stag decides to test his strength against Hunter's new power.

    21m 29s

  • Ghost Spiders

    15. Ghost Spiders

    Corona and Hunter must find a ghost before it causes disaster.

    21m 29s

  • Corona's Homecoming

    16. Corona's Homecoming

    When they visit her hometown, family and friends think that Corona and Hunter are a couple.

    21m 29s

  • Return of a Friend

    17. Return of a Friend

    A former friend challenges Igneous to a battle to the death, which Hunter and Shadow must stop.

    21m 29s

  • Unmasked

    18. Unmasked

    Unmasked Aqune is after the same Oracle Key as Magma and Hunter.

    21m 29s

  • Lumen's Love

    19. Lumen's Love

    The Spider Riders must stop Lumen before he gives the Oracle Key to the Invectids.

    21m 29s

  • Hero Act

    20. Hero Act

    An Invectid army tries to ruin the Spider Riders' play.

    21m 29s

  • Because I'm A Warrior

    21. Because I'm A Warrior

    Corona begins to long for a normal life.

    21m 30s

  • Wages of War

    22. Wages of War

    Mantid uses Oracle's stolen power to make himself a godlike being.

    21m 30s

  • Dark World

    23. Dark World

    After failing to retrieve the Oracle Key from the Spider Riders, Grasshop finds himself demoted and plots to regain his prominence.

    21m 31s

  • Key to the City

    24. Key to the City

    Stags' army lays waste to the Kingdom of Nuuma in search of the Oracle Key.

    21m 30s

  • Action in Arachnia

    25. Action in Arachnia

    Hunter loses his Oracle Key to Aqune, and it looks like the Spider Riders are finally beaten; Beerain attacks the castle and captures the...

    21m 30s

  • Big Bug

    26. Big Bug

    After finding out the Invectids have invaded Nuuma, Hunter is determined to come to the country's rescue.

    21m 29s

  • Fateful Decision

    27. Fateful Decision

    Stags' forces have overrun the city of Nuuma and the Oracle creates a force field around the Castle and levitates it into the sky.

    21m 29s

  • Journey of Champions

    28. Journey of Champions

    The Spider Riders arrive in the port town of Fuushyu in order to find a boat; in order to cross the Inner ocean they must first conquer...

    21m 29s

  • Voyage

    29. Voyage

    The Spider Riders set out on their voyage and Hunter finds them ill prepared; their quarters are disorganized, the food is terrible and...

    21m 29s

  • Ghost Ship

    30. Ghost Ship

    The Spider Riders stumble upon what appears to be a Ghost Ship piloted by the legendary Lost Mariner; Grasshop, Sparkle and Hotarla...

    21m 29s

  • Paradise

    31. Paradise

    When Hunter, Corona, Magma and their spiders regain consciousness, they find themselves deep in a forest; Aqune appears, ready to fight...

    21m 29s

  • Hero

    32. Hero

    When a mysterious, old man claims to be the hero Quake, Magma is beside himself with joy at meeting his childhood hero.

    21m 29s

  • Grasshop's Misfortunes

    33. Grasshop's Misfortunes

    Lumen and Igneous have trouble trusting Grasshop when they discover him traveling to Nuuma with Princess Sparkle. They find themselves...

    21m 29s

  • Reunions

    34. Reunions

    The Spider Riders continue their journey across the desert and Hunter is still haunted by dreams and doubts about becoming a Champion;...

    21m 29s

  • Spies and Lies

    35. Spies and Lies

    The Spider Riders interrogate Grasshop, hoping to find out the Invectids' plans for the Oracle Keys.

    21m 29s

  • Nuuma Castle

    36. Nuuma Castle

    The Spider Riders arrive in Nuuma and find the city completely under Invectid control; a Nuumian named Solon, shows them a secret path...

    21m 29s

  • Bitter Revenge

    37. Bitter Revenge

    Queen Illuma commands the Spider Riders to flee.

    21m 29s

  • The Confrontation

    38. The Confrontation

    A fierce battle with Stags leaves Hunter buried under a pile of rubble; Shadow's quick thinking protects his partner and the battle resumes.

    21m 29s

  • Protectors of Life

    39. Protectors of Life

    Hunter and Shadow face off against Battle Beetle; the Beetle regenerates when they destroy a piece of its armor, making itself virtually...

    21m 29s

  • Oracle's Maiden

    40. Oracle's Maiden

    With Nuuma Castle safely on the ground again, Queen Illuma thanks the Spider Riders for their help and reveals an astounding secret;...

    21m 29s

  • Yes Returning

    41. Yes Returning

    Slate and the Arachna guardsmen fight to defend Arachna against Invectid. The Spider Riders settle in to normal life.

    21m 30s

  • Bad Omen

    42. Bad Omen

    Mantid lights the Invectid city for the first time in years; a rousing speech rallies his minions to renew their assaults on Arachna.

    21m 29s

  • Fly No Longer

    43. Fly No Longer

    Beerain has become a fugitive since discovering Mantid's plans to destroy the Inner World.

    21m 29s

  • A Lack of Trust

    44. A Lack of Trust

    Sparkle, Hotarla and Grasshop come across the wounded Beerain; Beerain discovers that Buguese has been sent to Darklan; Hunter ponders...

    21m 29s

  • Labyrinth

    45. Labyrinth

    Beerain informs the Spider Riders that the only way to reach Invectid Headquarters is through the dreaded Labryrinth.

    21m 30s

  • Afraid of the Dark

    46. Afraid of the Dark

    Hunter and Shadow regain consciousness in Matid's Citadel; the Invectid leader reveals the darkness which hangs over his kingdom blaming...

    21m 30s

  • Dark Deception

    47. Dark Deception

    Hunter is ready to hand the Oracle Keys over to Mantid and end the war, until the sudden appearance of the hero Quake changes everything.

    21m 30s

  • Mantid's Trap

    48. Mantid's Trap

    The Spider Riders debate their next move while overwhelmed by the desolation of the Invectid lands. Quake reveals the reason for his...

    21m 30s

  • Welcome Back

    49. Welcome Back

    Mantid uses Oracle's stolen power to make himself a godlike being.

    21m 30s

  • Ark of Destiny

    50. Ark of Destiny

    The Spider Riders journey to Mantid's Citadel led by Grasshop, desperate to confront Mantid before the Oracle's sun goes dark for good.

    21m 30s

  • Faces of Fear

    51. Faces of Fear

    Mantid createss his glowing Ark of Destiny using Oracle's stolen power, enticing Hunter into another futile attack.

    21m 29s

  • Arachna Power

    52. Arachna Power

    Hunter Steele and his battle spider defend the world of Arachna.

    21m 29s