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Spun Out

Spun Out

2 Seasons
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  • CRAVE ( En )
SEASON 2 AVAILABLE UNTIL FEBRUARY 29. Failed writer Beckett Ryan joins a public relations agency staffed with people who can spin everyone’s problems but their own.

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Mature Themes

  • 13+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • My Brother's Speaker

    1. My Brother's Speaker

    When Nelson’s DJ-ing brother Ray stops by, Nelson pulls out all stops and plans a big industry showcase for him.

    21m 37s En

  • Under The Influencer

    2. Under The Influencer

    Stephanie hires Abby as an influencer to covertly promote a new drink. Abby’s a natural, but gets bored quickly and ditches the gig.

    21m 37s En

  • A Tale Of Two Lasagnas

    3. A Tale Of Two Lasagnas

    Stephanie attempts to throws a dinner party, but gets more than she bargained for.

    21m 36s En

  • Downward Dirty Dog

    4. Downward Dirty Dog

    Stephanie must work with an old sorority sister, Chelsea Winters, after Chelsea’s new oversized yoga line lands her in hot water.

    21m 36s En

  • The Secret Of My Ex-Wife's Success

    5. The Secret Of My Ex-Wife's Success

    Dave mentors his second ex-wife in the art of PR. But he finds he taught her too well, when she lands a big client Dave was courting.

    21m 36s En

  • Sexual Ceiling

    6. Sexual Ceiling

    Beckett starts a purely physical relationship with a documentary filmmaker, then finds conversation stimulation with Stephanie.

    21m 36s En

  • Copblocker

    7. Copblocker

    Stephanie feels that her relationship with police officer Jasper is lacking a little something in the bedroom.

    21m 39s En

  • Dude, Where's My Client?

    8. Dude, Where's My Client?

    After a night of drinking, the gang wakes up to find they’ve booked a new client meeting, but they have no clue who the client is.

    21m 38s En

  • Dream On

    9. Dream On

    After Stephanie has a romantic dream about Bryce, she confides in Abby who uses it to torment and tease her.

    21m 36s En

  • Can't Buy Me Love

    10. Can't Buy Me Love

    Nelson showers Beckett with gifts, but behind this newfound generosity, Beckett suspects that Nelson may be hiding something.

    21m 37s En

  • Political Partier

    11. Political Partier

    Beckett and Nelson are tasked with rehabilitating the image of the spoiled son of a famous politician.

    21m 37s En

  • When Beckett Met Stephie

    12. When Beckett Met Stephie

    Beckett attempts to tell Stephanie how he truly feels about her, but it seems the timing is always off.

    21m 35s En

  • London Culling

    13. London Culling

    Stephanie wants to take her relationship with Beckett slow until Dave tells her he’s chosen her to go to London to set up a new office.

    21m 36s En