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Spun Out

Spun Out

2 Seasons
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Failed writer Beckett Ryan joins a public relations agency staffed with people who can spin everyone’s problems but their own.

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Mature Themes


  • My Brother's Speaker

    1. My Brother's Speaker

    When Nelson’s DJ-ing brother Ray stops by, Nelson pulls out all stops and plans a big industry showcase for him.

    21m 37s

  • Under The Influencer

    2. Under The Influencer

    Stephanie hires Abby as an influencer to covertly promote a new drink. Abby’s a natural, but gets bored quickly and ditches the gig.

    21m 37s

  • A Tale Of Two Lasagnas

    3. A Tale Of Two Lasagnas

    Stephanie attempts to throws a dinner party, but gets more than she bargained for.

    21m 36s

  • Downward Dirty Dog

    4. Downward Dirty Dog

    Stephanie must work with an old sorority sister, Chelsea Winters, after Chelsea’s new oversized yoga line lands her in hot water.

    21m 36s

  • The Secret Of My Ex-Wife's Success

    5. The Secret Of My Ex-Wife's Success

    Dave mentors his second ex-wife in the art of PR. But he finds he taught her too well, when she lands a big client Dave was courting.

    21m 36s

  • Sexual Ceiling

    6. Sexual Ceiling

    Beckett starts a purely physical relationship with a documentary filmmaker, then finds conversation stimulation with Stephanie.

    21m 36s

  • Copblocker

    7. Copblocker

    Stephanie feels that her relationship with police officer Jasper is lacking a little something in the bedroom.

    21m 39s

  • Dude, Where's My Client?

    8. Dude, Where's My Client?

    After a night of drinking, the gang wakes up to find they’ve booked a new client meeting, but they have no clue who the client is.

    21m 38s

  • Dream On

    9. Dream On

    After Stephanie has a romantic dream about Bryce, she confides in Abby who uses it to torment and tease her.

    21m 36s

  • Can't Buy Me Love

    10. Can't Buy Me Love

    Nelson showers Beckett with gifts, but behind this newfound generosity, Beckett suspects that Nelson may be hiding something.

    21m 37s

  • Political Partier

    11. Political Partier

    Beckett and Nelson are tasked with rehabilitating the image of the spoiled son of a famous politician.

    21m 37s

  • When Beckett Met Stephie

    12. When Beckett Met Stephie

    Beckett attempts to tell Stephanie how he truly feels about her, but it seems the timing is always off.

    21m 35s

  • London Culling

    13. London Culling

    Stephanie wants to take her relationship with Beckett slow until Dave tells her he’s chosen her to go to London to set up a new office.

    21m 36s