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1 Season
QC:  G
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Based on the best-selling comic book series by Matthew and Jennifer Holme, Squish is a comedy about an amoeba who wears a ball cap. His name is Squish. And oddly enough, he acts like all those other kids you might meet in a middle school. If those other kids were amoeba, paramecium, and microbes.
Kids, Animation

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  • QC: G


  • Vinny The Virus

    1. Vinny The Virus

    Squish's best friend Pod doesn't have time to hang out with him, Squish makes a new friend named Vinny.

    11m 8s En

  • Happiness Invasion

    2. Happiness Invasion

    Peggy’s extended family dries up, Squish suggests that she invite them all to stay in Small Pond.

    11m 8s En

  • Escape From Detention

    3. Escape From Detention

    Squish is wrongly-accused of stealing Principal Planaria's special box of confiscated student items.

    11m 8s En

  • I Broke The Principal

    4. I Broke The Principal

    Pod builds a rocket so Squish can get to school on time, but he accidentally crashes the rocket into Principal Planaria.

    11m 8s En

  • Peggy’s Personal Magnetism

    5. Peggy’s Personal Magnetism

    Pod gets mad at Peggy for always breaking his stuff.

    11m 8s En

  • Gifted And Transferred

    6. Gifted And Transferred

    Genius Pod gets transferred to a special School for Gifted Microbes across Small Pond.

    11m 8s En

  • A Very Dirty Story About Pod

    7. A Very Dirty Story About Pod

    Hygiene-obsessed Pod keeps making his friends late for events with his constant need to stop and clean himself.

    11m 8s En

  • A Star Is Fissioned

    8. A Star Is Fissioned

    Peggy gets kicked out of the school play when Squish accidentally gets cast in her starring role.

    11m 8s En

  • Ooze Crying Now

    9. Ooze Crying Now

    Squish signs up for Peggy's charity race thinking it's only 27 millimeters long, but it's actually 27,000 millimeters.

    11m 8s En

  • Pet Cause

    10. Pet Cause

    Hoping to raise money to buy a special ballcap, Squish and Pod start a pet-sitting business.

    11m 8s En

  • Not So Ready To Rock

    11. Not So Ready To Rock

    Squish resists when his Dad wants to join the garage band Squish has formed with Peggy and Pod.

    11m 8s En

  • Peggy The Fashion Victim

    12. Peggy The Fashion Victim

    Fashion student Helen the Hydrozoa befriends Peggy and gives her a “makeover” as she tries to turn her into one of her “mean girl” minions.

    11m 8s En

  • A Very Small And Salty Tale

    13. A Very Small And Salty Tale

    Squish has a rivalry with the tiny bully Shirley the MicroShrimp.

    11m 8s En

  • Cyst Fight

    14. Cyst Fight

    Squish thinks the massive tough-guy student Lynwood is after him so he forms a protective cyst around himself.

    11m 8s En

  • Family Tied

    15. Family Tied

    Due to a unique activity of amoebas, Squish accidentally gets stuck to his best friend Pod like a Siamese Twin.

    11m 8s En

  • The Glow Of Truth

    16. The Glow Of Truth

    Pod gets hurt when Squish “lies” to him about an art project.

    11m 8s En

  • Fool’s Gold

    17. Fool’s Gold

    Squish spends all the money his father gave him for supplies on what he thinks is a “gold-making” plant.

    11m 8s En

  • Squishleading

    18. Squishleading

    Helen the Hydrozoa, who has several extra limbs, won’t let Peggy on the cheerleader team because she only has two arms.

    11m 8s En

  • Finding Nematode

    19. Finding Nematode

    The Algae Brothers mock Squish when he claims the school is being invaded by a monster worm that only Squish has ever seen.

    11m 8s En

  • Fun In The Sun

    20. Fun In The Sun

    Dad is looking forward to taking him to a father-and-son Slime Hockey Game, but Squish would rather go to a party with Pod and Peggy.

    11m 8s En

  • When Single Cells Become Couples

    21. When Single Cells Become Couples

    Helen the mean-girl Hydrozoan threatens to show the school an embarrassing video of Squish unless he agrees to act as her boyfriend.

    11m 8s En

  • Smarty Pod

    22. Smarty Pod

    When a list of the smartest students in school is posted, Pod is shocked to learn that Peggy ranked higher than him.

    11m 8s En

  • Card Sharks

    23. Card Sharks

    Squish, Pod and Peggy arrive at school to find all the students are missing!

    11m 8s En

  • Amazing Moeba

    24. Amazing Moeba

    While discussing a recent episode of the Super Amoeba TV show with Pod, Squish jokes about saving a baby bacteria like his TV hero.

    11m 8s En

  • Squish The Virus

    25. Squish The Virus

    Vinnie the Virus returns to Small Pond.

    11m 8s En

  • Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe

    26. Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe

    Squish accidentally posts a ridiculous picture of himself on his Germbook page, and the post becomes a huge hit on the site.

    11m 8s En

  • Trick of the Trichocysts

    27. Trick of the Trichocysts

    Peggy discovers that she, like all paramecia, has trichocysts – harpoon-like tethers she can use to capture prey.

    11m 8s En

  • Lunch With Planaria

    28. Lunch With Planaria

    Squish hopes to win a video game during a fundraising raffle at school, but instead wins another prize…Lunch with the Principal.

    11m 8s En

  • Bellyful of Friendship

    29. Bellyful of Friendship

    Pod freaks out when he almost runs into his academic rival from the smart school, Franny the Panny.

    11m 8s En

  • Plankton Burger Party

    30. Plankton Burger Party

    Squish invites everyone in school to his backyard barbecue…except for Benjamin the Methanogen - a stinky bacteria.

    11m 8s En

  • Emotionizer

    31. Emotionizer

    When Peggy and Squish complain that Pod is too unemotional, Pod invents a device to increase his emotional response at appropriate times.

    11m 8s En

  • Big Data Brian

    32. Big Data Brian

    Pod freaks out after failing to get an “A” on Mr. Rotifer’s test, but Squish claims it probably won’t affect his final grade.

    11m 8s En

  • We Can Beat Weeeee!!!

    33. We Can Beat Weeeee!!!

    Squish attempts to convince the founder of Microtopia Theme Parks to build his next amusement center in Small Pond.

    11m 8s En

  • Fluffy’s Fright

    34. Fluffy’s Fright

    Squish gets stuck planning a big celebration for Principal Planaria, and Peggy insists on bringing her pet Fluffy to do some tricks.

    11m 8s En

  • It's My Party

    35. It's My Party

    Squish unintentionally insults Shirley the Microshrimp and gets “dis-invited” to her huge, “Sweet Molting” party.

    11m 8s En

  • Acid Friendship

    36. Acid Friendship

    Squish gets assigned to work on a school project with Abby, who accidentally dissolves things with her body acid whenever she gets nervous.

    11m 8s En

  • Pod Squared

    37. Pod Squared

    Squish is hurt that Pod has a new “friend,” but Peggy tries to bring everyone together.

    11m 8s En

  • The Influencers

    38. The Influencers

    Pod’s parents mistakenly think Squish and Peggy are a bad influence on him so they create a robotic guardian to keep Pod away.

    11m 8s En

  • Out of Memory

    39. Out of Memory

    Squish makes a deal with Planaria to cancel all of his detentions, but then an accident causes Planaria to lose his memory.

    11m 8s En

  • Queen P

    40. Queen P

    Popular girl Helen is so mean to her minions Holly and Heather that the two girls “dump” Helen and instead become minions to… Peggy.

    11m 8s En

  • The Sounds of Brian

    41. The Sounds of Brian

    Brian is a bacteria and one of the biggest and toughest kids at school. Squish is an amoeba, who always tries to be Brian’s friend.

    11m 8s En

  • The Brothers Grin

    42. The Brothers Grin

    Squish is thrilled to hear that the annoying Algae Brothers have been transferred to the “Smart Kid School” across town.

    11m 8s En

  • Journey to the Center of Friendship

    43. Journey to the Center of Friendship

    Peggy thinks everyone needs friends, and gets very upset when she learns that there is a hermit bacteria living all alone.

    11m 8s En

  • The Actor

    44. The Actor

    When Squish learns that tough amoeba Lynwood always gets less detentions than him for the same infractions.

    11m 8s En

  • Blobs and Slippers

    45. Blobs and Slippers

    Squish is excited that Peggy will be staying with him for a week while her family is out of town.

    11m 8s En

  • Coolest Kid Ever?

    46. Coolest Kid Ever?

    The unexpected results of a school poll declare that Pod is the coolest kid in school.

    11m 8s En

  • Trend Potter

    47. Trend Potter

    Squish has a hard time keeping up with the ever-changing trends at school so Pod programs his robot to predict upcoming trends.

    11m 8s En

  • Copy, Paste, Fail

    48. Copy, Paste, Fail

    Shirley the Microshrimp is jealous of the friendship of Pod, Peggy and Squish.

    11m 8s En

  • Principal Peggy

    49. Principal Peggy

    Peggy is always happy to help people around her. She even agrees to help Planaria clean up his office!

    11m 8s En

  • Shopper’s Revenge

    50. Shopper’s Revenge

    For year, Squish has been accidentally disrupting a local shopper as he runs to school.

    11m 8s En

  • The Luck of the Squish

    51. The Luck of the Squish

    Peggy attempts to make a documentary about Squish, claiming he is the luckiest boy in Small Pond.

    11m 8s En

  • Love is Not a Scientific Fact

    52. Love is Not a Scientific Fact

    As Squish prepares to make the three best friends horror movie with Pod and Peggy, Lynwood threatens him to eat his friends.

    11m 8s En