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Storm Hawks

Storm Hawks

2 Seasons
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Armed with transforming flying motorcycles, five teens are dog-fighting some of the nastiest villains ever to hit the skies in this comedy adventure series.
Adventure, Animation, Kids

  • C8


  • The Age of Heroes Part 1

    1. The Age of Heroes Part 1

    Young Sky Knight Aerrow and his squadron, the Storm Hawks get their first taste of battle.

    22m 15s

  • The Age of Heroes Part 2

    2. The Age of Heroes Part 2

    Having lost the Aurora Stone to the cunning Dark Ace, The Storm Hawks mount a daring mission.

    22m 16s

  • Gale Force Winds

    3. Gale Force Winds

    The Storm Hawks promise an old Sky Knight they’ll rescue his granddaughter Dove, a prisoner in the clutches of Cyclonia.

    22m 16s

  • The Code

    4. The Code

    The Storm Hawks prove that old-fashioned rules belong in the history books - not in the skies of battle.

    22m 16s

  • Tranquility Now

    5. Tranquility Now

    Finn’s accidentally lost Junko's prized Knuckle Busters! Junko’s just not the same without them.

    22m 15s

  • Best Friends Forever

    6. Best Friends Forever

    When Piper uncovers the true identify of her new best friend Lark, she finds herself in the battle of a lifetime.

    22m 16s

  • The Black Gorge

    7. The Black Gorge

    The Storm Hawks are stranded in the dreaded Black Gorge, from which no airship has ever returned.

    22m 15s

  • Absolute Power

    8. Absolute Power

    While Aerrow goes off on a super-secret mission with Starling, Finn is left in charge of the Condor.

    22m 17s

  • Velocity

    9. Velocity

    Every year dozens of Sky Knights go head to head in a bike race across Terra Saharr, competing to win a rare and powerful Velocity amulet.

    22m 16s

  • Fire and Ice

    10. Fire and Ice

    Repton and his cronies decide to heat things up on the icy Terra Blizzaris.

    22m 16s

  • King for a Day

    11. King for a Day

    Finn is declared the long lost hero of Terra Vapos and learns that being the Chosen One isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    22m 16s

  • Terra Deep

    12. Terra Deep

    The Storm Hawks have to fly silent and fly quick if they’re going to survive Terra Deep.

    22m 16s

  • Storm Warning

    13. Storm Warning

    Piper pretends to quit the team to teach the boys a lesson, but it’s going to take everyone working together to stop Ravess.

    22m 16s

  • A Little Trouble

    14. A Little Trouble

    Everyone’s worried when Junko agrees to look after a baby Wallop for the day.

    22m 15s

  • Thunder Run

    15. Thunder Run

    It’s a race against the clock for the Storm Hawks!

    22m 16s

  • Escape

    16. Escape

    Aerrow and Radarr make a break from the escape-proof prison on Terra Zartacla.

    22m 15s

  • Forbidden City

    17. Forbidden City

    A double-crossing explorer has found a way inside the ancient Forbidden City, which means Snipe will get his hands on the treasure.

    22m 15s

  • Leviathan

    18. Leviathan

    The Condor has been swallowed whole by a giant sky creature, with Radarr inside!

    22m 16s

  • Infinity

    19. Infinity

    One Finn is plenty, but an entire Condor-full? That’s what happens when Finn sets off a crystal that creates dozens of brand new Finns.

    22m 16s

  • Terra Neon

    20. Terra Neon

    The Storm Hawks are sharing the spotlight on glitzy Terra Neon - but not by choice.

    22m 16s

  • The Storm Hawks Seven

    21. The Storm Hawks Seven

    Starling joins the Storm Hawks for a daring mission to take back a tiny terra from the Cyclonians.

    22m 16s

  • Talon Academy

    22. Talon Academy

    Being a Cyclonian isn’t as cool as they make it sound – and Aerrow, Radarr and Piper are going to prove that to the kids at a Talon Academy.

    22m 16s

  • Siren's Song

    23. Siren's Song

    Trapped in The Great Expanse, the Storm Hawks face a new foe: a mysterious Sky Siren and her dangerous power.

    22m 15s

  • Calling All Domos

    24. Calling All Domos

    There’s trouble again on Terra Vapos, and since Finn saved them once before, he’s called back to Domo duty.

    22m 16s

  • The Lesson

    25. The Lesson

    The Talons have become supercharged, and unless a sky-fu master can whip the Storm Hawks into shape, they’re looking at a major defeat.

    22m 15s

  • Dude, Where's my Condor?

    26. Dude, Where's my Condor?

    On a whim, the Storm Hawks trade in the Condor. But by the time they realize their mistake, their beloved ship as a new owner.

    22m 15s