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Strangers with Candy

Strangers with Candy

3 Seasons
QC:  13+
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Jerri Blank is a 46-year-old high school freshman. For 32 years, she was a teenage runaway. Her friends were dealers, cons, and 18 karat pimps. But now she's out of jail, picking up where her life left off back in high school.

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 13+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Old Habits/New Beginnings

    1. Old Habits/New Beginnings

    Jerri tries to fit in by mixing up a batch of the drug concoction Glint for Poppy, the most popular girl in school... with mixed results.

    21m 57s En

  • A Burden's Burden

    2. A Burden's Burden

    In order to teach students the responsibility of taking care of a baby, Coach Wolf gives each student a baby.

    21m 57s En

  • Dreams on the Rocks

    3. Dreams on the Rocks

    Jerri's starring role in the school play stirs up a dangerous cocktail of jealousy and regret in her stepmother, Sara

    22m 3s En

  • Who Wants Cake?

    4. Who Wants Cake?

    Jerri is told she must help Principal Blackman out by snitching out the school retard if she wants to go on the class trip.

    21m 22s En

  • Bogie Nights

    5. Bogie Nights

    Jerri falls for a transfer student and later discovers the terrible secret that will keep them apart forever.

    22m 8s En

  • Let Freedom Ring

    6. Let Freedom Ring

    Flatpoint High is up in arms to find out whodunit after someone scrawls a racial slur on the wall.

    22m 2s En

  • Feather in the Storm

    7. Feather in the Storm

    Jerri finds her calling on the debate team, but can she make it through the dangerous physical training for the big competition?

    22m 12s En

  • To Be Young, Gifted and Blank

    8. To Be Young, Gifted and Blank

    Noblet discovers that Jerri is a violin prodigy and ruthlessly grooms her to become the star he always wanted to be.

    22m 4s En

  • Jerri is Only Skin Deep

    9. Jerri is Only Skin Deep

    Desperate to become homecoming queen, Jerri concocts some unique strategies to eliminate the competition.

    21m 50s En

  • The Trip Back

    10. The Trip Back

    Jerri reverts back to her old ways and succumbs to drugs in an attempt to win the affection of a beautiful female stoner

    22m 15s En