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2 Seasons
QC:  13+
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The saga of a fictional, American global-media family that is not only rich and powerful but also powerfully dysfunctional.

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Sex
  • Nudity
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 13+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Sexualité
  • Nudité
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Celebration

    1. Celebration

    Media magnate Logan Roy shocks his family with an announcement on his 80th birthday.

    1h 1m 12s EnFr

  • Sh*t Show at the F**k Factory

    2. Sh*t Show at the F**k Factory

    Logan’s incapacitation sets off a heated succession debate among his children.

    58m 22s EnFr

  • Lifeboats

    3. Lifeboats

    Kendall is confronted with a debt crisis; Shiv bristles at Marcia’s influence on Logan.

    57m 8s EnFr

  • Sad Sack Wasp Trap

    4. Sad Sack Wasp Trap

    The family attends an annual company gala overseen by Connor.

    58m 53s EnFr

  • I Went to Market

    5. I Went to Market

    Kendall begins to plot a vote of no confidence against Logan.

    56m 20s EnFr

  • Which Side Are You On?

    6. Which Side Are You On?

    Roman and Kendall attempt to sway the board, while Shiv explores her options in D.C.

    58m 41s EnFr

  • Austerlitz

    7. Austerlitz

    The Roys gather for a family therapy session; Kendall finds his sobriety tested.

    58m 3s EnFr

  • Prague

    8. Prague

    Tom has a bachelor party to remember; Kendall and Roman eye new business opportunities.

    56m 54s EnFr

  • Pre-Nuptial

    9. Pre-Nuptial

    The Roys assemble at an English castle for Shiv and Tom’s wedding.

    58m 58s EnFr

  • Nobody Is Ever Missing

    10. Nobody Is Ever Missing

    Logan finds himself in crisis mode as news of a hostile takeover breaks.

    1h 6m 25s EnFr

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