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Supa Strikas

Supa Strikas

4 Seasons
QC:  G
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Supa Strikas is the comic and animated story of the world’s greatest soccer team and the players’ adventures both on and off the pitch.
Sports, Animation

  • C

  • QC: G


  • Field of Vision

    1. Field of Vision

    Nobody touches El Matador's glasses, OK?! And when someone DOES touch them the consequences are radical…

    22m 29s En

  • Dat Boot

    2. Dat Boot

    Supa Strikas' unusual preparation for Iron Tank is rudely interrupted when a submarine barges through the surface of the iceberg...

    22m 27s En

  • Live and Kicking

    3. Live and Kicking

    Shakes must face all his Super League rivals in a mysterious, invite-only soccer tournament on a private island.

    22m 30s En

  • Roblok Wars

    4. Roblok Wars

    Toni Vern devises an ingenious way to ruin Blok's perfect disciplinary record; replace him with a robotic double!

    22m 28s En

  • Scare Tactics

    5. Scare Tactics

    Grimm FC rock 'n roll into Strikaland with a terrifying new move! Big Bo retreats to his goalie cave to figure out the "Ghost Train".

    22m 24s En

  • Cuju Be Loved

    6. Cuju Be Loved

    Shakes is on the verge of a triumphant return to the Supa Strikas starting 11 when Coach sends him to China to make a guest appearance...

    22m 13s En

  • Klaus Encounters of the Nerd Kind

    7. Klaus Encounters of the Nerd Kind

    Klaus is convinced Orion FC's Coach Black is getting help from aliens to ensure his team's winning form.

    22m 22s En

  • El Matador Finds Himself

    8. El Matador Finds Himself

    El Matador goes missing from his El Mataland Ranch after missing a rather easy goal.

    22m 30s En

  • Spinner Takes All

    9. Spinner Takes All

    Shakes convinces Cool Joe to get his moves motion-captured for a new video game...

    22m 13s En

  • Stumble In The Jungle

    10. Stumble In The Jungle

    When North Shaw and Blok get dominated by Palmentieri’s Don Aldo, their confidence hits rock bottom.

    22m 14s En

  • Worth His Weight in Goals

    11. Worth His Weight in Goals

    After a cynical foul against Twisting Tiger at Strikaland, Liquido challenges the Supa Strikas winger to the ultimate duel.

    22m 23s En

  • The 12th Man

    12. The 12th Man

    Sultans' coach has recently completed construction of the Super League's biggest stadium - The Goliath!

    22m 25s En

  • Return to the Pirate Tower

    13. Return to the Pirate Tower

    Invincible United unleash a deadly throw-in that Blok and North believe is impossible to defend.

    22m 17s En