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Super Duper Sumos

Super Duper Sumos

1 Season
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Mamoo, Boomer and Kimo, three sumo wrestlers dressed according to custom, fight crime.
Adventure, Kids

  • C8


  • Binky Did a Bad Bad Thing

    1. Binky Did a Bad Bad Thing

    Bad Inc. creates a forty-foot, monstrous Teddy Bear, named Binky, which terrorizes the city.

    22m 37s

  • Seven Sumorai

    2. Seven Sumorai

    Our three heroes have to save a small fishing village in New Jersey from the encroachment of Bad Inc.’s killer big-city buildings.

    22m 37s

  • Basho Crasho Sumos

    3. Basho Crasho Sumos

    The big-bottomed bros fight in a huge sumo tournament, which turns out to be a sinister trap set by Bad Inc.

    22m 37s

  • The Incredible Shrinking Butt

    4. The Incredible Shrinking Butt

    Booma’s butt accidentally comes in contact with some of Bad Inc.’s evil shrinking solution.

    22m 35s

  • Dance of the Sugar Plum Sumos

    5. Dance of the Sugar Plum Sumos

    The Super Duper Sumos must go undercover as ballerinas to thwart Bad Inc.’s evil plan to destroy centers of culture all around the world.

    22m 38s

  • Eviction Conviction

    6. Eviction Conviction

    The Bad, Inc. boardroom becomes crowded with hideous experiments. They decide to build a new building on top of the Sumos’ apartment!

    22m 37s

  • Beach Blanket Sumo

    7. Beach Blanket Sumo

    A day at the beach for the Sumos turns into a battle against Bad Inc.’s evil plan to rid the world of cruise ships.

    22m 38s

  • Handle With Care

    8. Handle With Care

    In a sumo-sized mix-up, the big-bottomed bros believe that Bad, Inc. has turned Prima into a small, glass figurine.

    22m 38s

  • Rest Area 51

    9. Rest Area 51

    The Sumos take a break and go camping in the woods.

    22m 35s

  • Car Yak'd

    10. Car Yak'd

    The Sumos’ yaks are stolen and our heroes don’t know what to do without their transportation.

    22m 37s

  • Sumos on Ice

    11. Sumos on Ice

    Bad Inc. blocks out the sun with a giant pie-shaped blimp in order to freeze the planet. The Sumos must put an end to this.

    22m 37s

  • Back to School

    12. Back to School

    In order to protect a nerdy young man, the Sumos go undercover at the local high school.

    22m 37s

  • Phat to the Phuture

    13. Phat to the Phuture

    Kimo has a psychic vision/premonition that Booma gets destroyed in a fight with Bad Inc.

    22m 37s

  • Honor Thy Phather

    14. Honor Thy Phather

    Genghis tricks Kimo into believing that, “Kimo, I am your father.”

    22m 37s

  • Sumo on a Hot Tin Roof

    15. Sumo on a Hot Tin Roof

    Bad Inc. unleashes a horrendous heat wave upon Generic City full of savage plants and rampaging savages.

    22m 40s

  • No Lie Pie

    16. No Lie Pie

    Mamoo goes up against Dr. Stinger on a Bad Inc. cooking show intent upon destroying the world one chef at a time: The Iron Man Chef.

    22m 38s

  • Pinch Me I'm Steaming

    17. Pinch Me I'm Steaming

    Dr. Stinger animates his lunch into a giant, killer dumpling, which terrorizes Generic City.

    22m 37s

  • To Serve and Neglect

    18. To Serve and Neglect

    Kimo gets promoted to be a higher-ranking Sumotori than Booma and Mamoo.

    22m 37s

  • Santa's a Big Phat Sumo

    19. Santa's a Big Phat Sumo

    Dr. Stinger kidnaps Santa Claus and disguises himself as the jolly old fellow to distribute destructive toys to the world.

    22m 38s

  • The Girth of Cool

    20. The Girth of Cool

    BS designs a sleek new monster for Bad Inc. and suddenly evil becomes trendy all over town. Desperate to upgrade their own image, the...

    22m 37s

  • A Clockwork Sumo

    21. A Clockwork Sumo

    Bad Inc. secretly abducts Kimo and replaces him with a robot version.

    22m 37s

  • Miniature Golf Madness

    22. Miniature Golf Madness

    Kimo’s obsession with miniature golf leads to the discovery that Bad Inc. is attempting to control the minds of kids through a Pizza.

    22m 37s

  • I'm Too Sexy For My Butt

    23. I'm Too Sexy For My Butt

    Booma gets a job as a model.

    22m 38s

  • Yak Derby

    24. Yak Derby

    In an attempt to see whose yak is the fastest, the big-bottomed bros enter themselves in the annual, world-famous Generic City Derby.

    22m 37s

  • Shemo - The Fourth Sumoteer

    25. Shemo - The Fourth Sumoteer

    Shemo, the fourth Sumoteer arrives in Generic City bent on destroying Bad Inc.

    22m 37s

  • This Was Zen, This is Tao

    26. This Was Zen, This is Tao

    Genghis laments the old days when Wisdom San first beat him and ruined his hopes to destroy the world.

    22m 37s