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Tacoma FD

Tacoma FD

1 Season
QC:  13+
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  • CRAVE ( En )
There are not a lot of fires to fight in one of the rainiest cities in America, leaving the crew at the Tacoma Fire Department to tackle the less glamorous elements of the job. Light on blazes that need extinguishing, this squad keeps itself entertained with creative competitions, friendly first responder rivalries, and bizarre emergency calls.

  • 14+
  • Language

  • QC: 13+
  • Langage vulgaire


  • On the Hot Seat

    1. On the Hot Seat

    The city council urges Chief Terry McConky to get serious about his station's ratings.

    23m 53s En

  • Cop Wars

    2. Cop Wars

    Andy and Ike fan the flames of the FD's feud with the PD; the crew wages war with the police.

    24m 24s En

  • A New Hope

    3. A New Hope

    The crew is assigned its first-ever female firefighter; Chief cracks down on rookie hazing.

    24m 26s En

  • Training Day

    4. Training Day

    The guys must complete a training re-certification with an old nemesis who is itching to fail them.

    24m 28s En

  • The B-Team

    5. The B-Team

    Andy questions his place within his own crew; Eddie competes to win the pancake cook-off.

    24m 29s En

  • Full Moon Fever

    6. Full Moon Fever

    FD braces for a night of insane full moon rescue calls; Ike gets bitten into an altered state.

    24m 28s En

  • Old Flame

    7. Old Flame

    Eddie runs into his first love; Granny and Lucy compete to win the affections of a dispatcher.

    24m 29s En

  • Where's the Beefcake

    8. Where's the Beefcake

    Councilwoman Price tries to take nudity out of the annual Firefighters' Beefcake Calendar.

    24m 26s En

  • I'm Eddie Penisi

    9. I'm Eddie Penisi

    The police captain catches Eddie sleeping with his wife days before a charity boxing match.

    24m 32s En

  • Fire at the Dispensary

    10. Fire at the Dispensary

    A party gets interrupted by a fire breaking out at the local weed dispensary.

    22m 46s En