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3 Seasons
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Brett Raymer and Wayde King own Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, who cater to fish lovers. Together, these brother in-laws build some of the biggest and most outrageous fish tanks.
Reality, Nature

  • PG


  • Brett Takes A Dive

    1. Brett Takes A Dive

    Brett is nervous to use his new scuba skills and buys a clunker to build a car theme tank in record time without considering the results.

    43m 7s

  • Swimming With The Sharks

    2. Swimming With The Sharks

    Wayde and Brett try to avoid sleeping with the fishes when they design a 1000-gallon, mob-inspired tank.

    43m 8s

  • Rules of Engagement

    3. Rules of Engagement

    A hydraulic tank gives a business a boost and comes with a hidden engagement ring.

    43m 8s

  • Be Cool

    4. Be Cool

    The finishing touches are put on a 57,000-gallon aquarium in a Dallas megachurch.

    43m 8s

  • Good Karma

    5. Good Karma

    A request for a precisely constructed Feng Shui tank helps Brett discover his zen.

    43m 8s

  • Tricks Of The Trade

    6. Tricks Of The Trade

    A tank for a skateboarding park tests the durability of the company's materials.

    43m 8s