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Teletubbies Everywhere

Teletubbies Everywhere

2 Seasons
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Teletubbies episodes from around the world.

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  • Numbers 3: India

    1. Numbers 3: India

    Children in India having fun demonstrating the number 3 – using apples, babies, candles, numbers, ice cream, balloons.

    10m 3s

  • Drumming: Taiwan

    2. Drumming: Taiwan

    Po counts to four and a group of children demonstrate traditional drumming in Taiwan.

    10m 9s

  • Feeding Chickens: Portugal

    3. Feeding Chickens: Portugal

    Laa-Laa shows us the difference between big and small. Children feed chickens in Portugal.

    10m 7s

  • Ice Skating: Finland

    4. Ice Skating: Finland

    In Finland, a group of children show-off their ice skating skills.

    10m 1s

  • Rolling Wheels: India

    5. Rolling Wheels: India

    Children roll wheels in India.

    10m 8s

  • Ballet: USA

    6. Ballet: USA

    Laa-Laa draws a square and Dipsy shows off the colour pink. Children ballet dance in the USA.

    10m 10s

  • Balloon Umbrella: Taiwan

    7. Balloon Umbrella: Taiwan

    The children in Taiwan have fun playing some parachute games.

    10m 4s

  • Collecting Garnets: Namibia

    8. Collecting Garnets: Namibia

    In Namibia, a group of children are on the lookout for gemstones.

    10m 5s

  • Autumn Leaves: Chile

    9. Autumn Leaves: Chile

    Chilean boys and girls play with huge piles of autumn leaves in the woods.

    10m 6s

  • Indian Dance: India

    10. Indian Dance: India

    In India, a young girl and her mother demonstrate their dancing skills.

    10m 4s

  • Peacocks: Korea

    11. Peacocks: Korea

    Korean children watch some peacocks flying, walking, and spreading their tail feathers.

    10m 9s

  • Hand Shapes (Fish): USA

    12. Hand Shapes (Fish): USA

    Children in America paint their hands and make some fish shaped paintings.

    10m 9s

  • Idlis: India

    13. Idlis: India

    In India, a young girl is making idlis - a type of Indian food.

    9m 59s

  • Carousel: France

    14. Carousel: France

    A girl takes a ride on a carousel in France and the Teletubbies say hello to each other.

    9m 54s

  • Washing Clothes: South Africa

    15. Washing Clothes: South Africa

    A family in South Africa show how they wash clothes in a metal tub.

    10m 11s

  • Snails: Korea

    16. Snails: Korea

    Korean children and their uncle take a walk to search for some snails. The Teletubbies demonstrate the difference between fast and slow.

    10m 8s

  • Fetching Water: Morocco

    17. Fetching Water: Morocco

    Children fill buckets with water from a tap in a wall. They then take the buckets on a trolley to a woman who is washing clothes.

    10m 9s

  • Erhu Fiddle: Taiwan

    18. Erhu Fiddle: Taiwan

    A music teacher in Taiwan shows a young girl how to play the erhu fiddle. It makes all sorts of strange noises as well as plays music.

    10m 5s

  • Picking Mandarins: Spain

    19. Picking Mandarins: Spain

    Spanish boys pick mandarins in an orange grove and put them into crates. Then they sit under the trees and eat some.

    10m 5s

  • Numbers 2: India

    20. Numbers 2: India

    Indian children demonstrate the number 2 using apples, babies, candles, numbers, balls, candy floss, horses, and red buses.

    10m 9s

  • Lion Dance: Taiwan

    21. Lion Dance: Taiwan

    Dipsy says hello to the colour yellow while Chinese children put on lion costumes and dance in the street, accompanied by drums.

    10m 7s

  • Dog Training: Russia

    22. Dog Training: Russia

    A young Russian girl runs around an obstacle course with her dogs.

    9m 58s

  • Kites: India

    23. Kites: India

    Children in India are shown how to make kites, which they then fly high over the trees.

    9m 58s

  • Football: Argentina

    24. Football: Argentina

    Po and Tinky Winky practice running and Laa-Laa plays with a big bouncy ball, while boys in Argentina play football.

    10m 7s

  • Balancing Pots: South Africa

    25. Balancing Pots: South Africa

    Some boys in South Africa watch their mother balance buckets full of water on her head. The boys copy her and try try to balance pots of...

    10m 5s

  • Numbers 5: India

    26. Numbers 5: India

    Children in India demonstrate the number 5 using: apples, candles, swings, numbers, buses, balloons, and ice-creams.

    10m 7s