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The Circus

The Circus

5 Seasons
QC:  13+
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Go behind the scenes and beyond the headlines of the wildest political show on earth. This documentary series reveals the high-stakes impact of the White House's headline grabbing dramatics throughout the divided states of America.
Documentary, Politics

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  • QC: 13+
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Sunday 8E / 5P


  • The Outsiders

    1. The Outsiders

    The campaigns of the "outsider" candidates: Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, prepare for the Iowa caucuses.

    28m 31s En

  • Prisoner's Dilemma

    2. Prisoner's Dilemma

    Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Chris Christie, former Gov. Jeb Bush and Gov. John Kashich prepare for the New Hampshire primary.

    28m 26s En

  • Tension City

    3. Tension City

    Angst and drama leading up to Iowa caucuses; a showdown is brewing between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

    28m 30s En

  • The Big Mo

    4. The Big Mo

    Inside the Iowa fallout and the momentum leading into New Hampshire's primary.

    28m 30s En

  • The Winnowing

    5. The Winnowing

    Following New Hampshire, candidates prepare for hard truths coming up in South Carolina and Nevada.

    28m 29s En

  • Fear and Loathing

    6. Fear and Loathing

    The campaigns head toward the final stretch in Nevada and South Carolina, and anxiety grows about high stakes.

    28m 5s En

  • Confidence Game

    7. Confidence Game

    Now that the field has been narrowed to the "Big Five," the campaigns focus on playing to their strengths across the country.

    28m 30s En

  • The Reckoning

    8. The Reckoning

    Following big wins for the front runners on Super Tuesday, the other candidates come to terms with the results.

    28m 31s En

  • Dead or Alive

    9. Dead or Alive

    Rubio, Kasich and Sanders hope they can find success in Florida and Ohio, and gather enough momentum to force a brokered convention.

    28m 29s En

  • High Hopes

    10. High Hopes

    While Rubio gets trumped in Florida, the rest of the candidates remain cautiously optimistic.

    27m 10s En

  • Home and Abroad

    11. Home and Abroad

    As foreign policy comes to the fore can Trump and Clinton handle the heat?

    28m 2s En

  • On Wisconsin

    12. On Wisconsin

    Ahead of a Wisconsin showdown the candidates crisscross the state in pursuit of competing agendas.

    29m 31s En

  • Circus Recap

    13. Circus Recap

    Catch-up on the electrifying first twelve weeks of the 2016 presidential race with Mark Halperin, John Heilemann and Mark McKinnon.

    28m 30s En

  • Game On

    14. Game On

    While the nation celebrates Independence Day, Trump and Clinton engage in their own fireworks.

    29m 39s En

  • Veepstakes

    15. Veepstakes

    Trump auditions Chris Christie, Mike Pence and Newt Gingrich for vice president.

    28m 41s En

  • Trump Show

    16. Trump Show

    Donald Trump is declared the Republican presidential nominee; Melania Trump delivers a speech.

    29m 40s En

  • In the Arena

    17. In the Arena

    The Democrats make Hillary Clinton a historic nominee; Clinton and Kaine have work to do.

    29m 53s En

  • Closing the Gap

    18. Closing the Gap

    As members of his party start to publicly jump ship, can Trump find a way to close the gap with Clinton or will he just fall further behind?

    28m 46s En

  • Fit to Serve

    19. Fit to Serve

    With Clinton's pneumonia and scrutiny surrounding Trump's medical records, the question of their fitness to lead takes a physical turn.

    28m 29s En

  • Battleground

    20. Battleground

    As Clinton and Trump prepare for their first debate, their campaigns target the swing states.

    28m 11s En

  • The Newsrooms

    21. The Newsrooms

    Preparations for the debate; the candidates cede the spotlight to those who cover the news.

    29m 23s En

  • Tale of the Tape

    22. Tale of the Tape

    With the fallout from the second debate and the scandal surrounding the new audio tape, could this be the final nail in Trump's coffin?

    28m 19s En

  • From Russia With Love

    23. From Russia With Love

    Amid claims of foreign intervention and widespread hacking, Clinton faces what might be her toughest opponent to date: WikiLeaks.

    28m 30s En

  • His Word as Biden

    24. His Word as Biden

    Clinton bets on the man who has the potential to sway swing states to her side: Joe Biden.

    28m 23s En

  • Nobody F*ck*ng Knows

    25. Nobody F*ck*ng Knows

    Both campaigns make a case in "far-fetched battlegrounds."

    27m 53s En

  • President Trump

    26. President Trump

    The campaigns leading up to Election Day and the results that followed.

    58m 12s En

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