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The Colony

The Colony

2 Seasons
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Ten volunteers try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

  • PG
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  • Arrival and Survival

    1. Arrival and Survival

    10 volunteers enter an experimental post-apocalyptic world.

    43m 33s

  • Power Struggle

    2. Power Struggle

    The participants create a wood-fueled generator from scavenged machine parts.

    43m 30s

  • Comfort in Chaos

    3. Comfort in Chaos

    The volunteers focus on one creature comfort.

    43m 33s

  • Safety and Security

    4. Safety and Security

    The volunteers' sense of security is shattered after an attack.

    43m 32s

  • Stranger Among Us

    5. Stranger Among Us

    A stranger breaches security and tries to steal the volunteers' newly acquired solar panels.

    43m 33s

  • Loss and Communication

    6. Loss and Communication

    One of the volunteers turns up missing during a search party mission.

    43m 33s

  • A Test of Faith

    7. A Test of Faith

    The colonists run into missionaries on a river trip.

    43m 32s

  • Recon Mission

    8. Recon Mission

    A kidney stone puts Joey down for the count, and a new arrival surprises the colonists.

    43m 32s

  • Breaking Point

    9. Breaking Point

    The colonists work on a scout vehicle.

    43m 32s

  • Exodus

    10. Exodus

    Mike recovers from a nasty crash.

    43m 32s