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The Doodlebops

The Doodlebops

3 Seasons
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Colorful pop band The Doodlebops encourage kids to dance and sing along to their music. Geared toward preschoolers, Rooney, Moe, and Deedee Doodle also teach age-appropriate lessons.
Music, Kids

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  • Photo Op

    1. Photo Op

    The Doodlebops argue over who gets to be on a magazine cover, before deciding that staying friends is much more important.

    21m 33s

  • Keep Trying

    2. Keep Trying

    Rooney has to practice, practice, practice, in order to learn how to play his new invention, the Honkophone.

    21m 33s

  • O Solo Moe

    3. O Solo Moe

    Moe has to overcome stage fright to perform his big solo.

    21m 34s

  • Cauliflower Power

    4. Cauliflower Power

    Rooney learns that it’s good to try something new because you just might like it… even if it’s cauliflower!

    21m 34s

  • All Together Now

    5. All Together Now

    The Doodlebops find out that everything’s better when you work together.

    21m 34s

  • Tap Tap Tap

    6. Tap Tap Tap

    Rooney and Moe are worried that Deedee’s new tap shoes are magic, and will make her dance forever!

    21m 33s

  • Bird is the Word

    7. Bird is the Word

    Rooney is watching out for a very rare bird, and learns that persistence pays off.

    21m 33s

  • Count on Me

    8. Count on Me

    The Doodlebops go all out to keep their promise to write letters to all their fans.

    21m 33s

  • Fast and Slow Moe

    9. Fast and Slow Moe

    Rooney’s new invention puts Moe into ultra-slow-motion and he has to figure out how to speed him up again.

    21m 33s

  • Jumpin' Judy

    10. Jumpin' Judy

    The Doodlebops ask for help from their friend Jumpin’ Judy.

    21m 33s

  • Very Scary

    11. Very Scary

    There’s a storm and the lights go out; the Doodlebops learn to face their fears.

    21m 33s

  • Queen For a Deedee

    12. Queen For a Deedee

    While playing at being a queen Deedee gets a little carried away bossing Rooney and Moe around.

    21m 33s

  • The Move Groove

    13. The Move Groove

    When Bob’s bus breaks down the Doodlebops resort to many different kinds of transportation to get to their gig.

    21m 33s

  • Strudel Doodle

    14. Strudel Doodle

    The Doodlebops babysit a lost puppy before returning it to its owners.

    21m 33s

  • Look in a Book

    15. Look in a Book

    Moe learns about the joys of reading.

    21m 34s

  • High and Low

    16. High and Low

    The Doodlebops go in search of high and low sounds for their new song.

    21m 34s

  • Gibble Gobble Nabber Gabber

    17. Gibble Gobble Nabber Gabber

    The Doodlebops have a crazy, mixed-up, backwards kind of day.

    21m 34s

  • The Bad Day

    18. The Bad Day

    The Doodlebops learn how to cope when things go wrong.

    21m 33s

  • Wobbly Whoopsy

    19. Wobbly Whoopsy

    Rooney and Moe want to give Deedee the ultimate, perfect birthday gift.

    21m 33s

  • What When Why?

    20. What When Why?

    Rooney proves that you can learn all sorts of valuable things from asking questions.

    21m 33s

  • Roar Like a Dinosaur

    21. Roar Like a Dinosaur

    The Doodlebops go on a dinosaur hunt.

    21m 33s

  • Growing Moe

    22. Growing Moe

    Moe wants to grow up right away, but realizes that he just has to be patient.

    21m 33s

  • Abracadeedee

    23. Abracadeedee

    Deedee has trouble learning some magic tricks, and makes Mudge disappear.

    21m 33s

  • What Did You See Today?

    24. What Did You See Today?

    The Doodlebops can’t think of a topic for their new song.

    21m 33s

  • Junk Funk

    25. Junk Funk

    The Doodlebops have fun playing music – without their instruments!

    21m 33s

  • Glad Sad Bumpy Grumpy

    26. Glad Sad Bumpy Grumpy

    The Doodlebops set out to put a smile on Mudge’s face.

    21m 33s