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The Fingerlings Show

The Fingerlings Show

1 Season
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Your favourite Fingerlings will make you laugh with their wacky skits, hilarious jokes, pop culture parodies, funny costumes, and more. Join the energetic crew including twin monkeys Bella & Boris, Gigi the Unicorn, Marge the Sloth, Finn the corny comedian, plus special guests including sparkly pandas, spice-loving dragons, BFF minis, and more on THE FINGERLINGS SHOW!

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  • Fingerlings Go Bananas

    1. Fingerlings Go Bananas

    Laugh along with the Fingerlings Monkeys and Unicorns as they dream, paint, dance, have a staring contest, and get knocked over by bananas.

    10m 15s

  • Knock knock

    2. Knock knock

    Stand-up comedy Fingerlings style, with a dose of vegetables for Gigi.

    10m 7s

  • Hug Monster

    3. Hug Monster

    Frankenboris creates a huge monster who just wants to give everyone a big hug, plus game shows and more.

    10m 57s

  • Halloween Special

    4. Halloween Special

    The Fingerlings dress up and go to a Halloween party. Gigi the unicorn attempts to get extra candy by dressing up in different costumes.

    10m 8s

  • Banana Shack Comedy

    5. Banana Shack Comedy

    More jokes at the comedy club, Gigi interviews the wild bunch of Fingerlings Minis & Marge (slowly) gets her groove on!

    10m 23s

  • Camping with a Unicorn

    6. Camping with a Unicorn

    Movie-making, Camping with Gigi, The Bestie Game Show, and more!

    10m 58s

  • Who wants to be a Fingerling?

    7. Who wants to be a Fingerling?

    From a Sloth rockin' the DJ booth to a Twirlates class led by a Unicorn - there's always something fun happening on The Fingerlings Show

    10m 33s

  • Wide World of Challenges

    8. Wide World of Challenges

    A multi-game competition & pizza challenge bring together Fingerlings HUGS, Pandas, and Dragons on "The Wide World of Challenges".

    10m 5s

  • Gigi-tastic

    9. Gigi-tastic

    Fingerlings tell jokes, Gigi reveals 7 steps towards being Gigi-tastic, and more characters compete on "Who wants to be a Fingerling".

    10m 26s

  • Sleepover with a Dinosaur

    10. Sleepover with a Dinosaur

    Bella invites a dinosaur to a sleepover, Gigi is interviewed on Melody Village Tonight show, and Marge the Sloth launches an album.

    10m 39s

  • Candy Salad

    11. Candy Salad

    Bella auditions for a movie, Gigi makes a candy salad, Marge and Gigi try out a see saw, and more contestants audition to be Fingerlings.

    10m 11s

  • Melody High

    12. Melody High

    The Fingerlings Giraffes Are The New Students At Melody High

    11m 45s