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The Fox-Badger Family

The Fox-Badger Family

1 Season
QC:  G
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Dad Edmund, his two twin boys Woodsy and Scoutbadger and their baby sister Berry all lived peacefully in their burrow. However, in nature it is common for Foxes and Badgers to share their burrows. So when Edmund falls in love with the beautiful fox Margaret, of course he asks her and her daughter Rosie to move in to form one big Fox-Badger family. What a great change for the Badgers! They will all have to learn to get along and find a new balance in their lives. Luckily, when love is involved, despite the occasional argument, the house is filled to the brim with happiness and smiles!
Pre-School, Kids, Animation

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  • QC: G


  • Team Spirit

    1. Team Spirit

    Every year, the great inter-burrow games sees the children of the forest competing in a series of events.

    11m 59s En

  • A Much Sought-After Burrow

    2. A Much Sought-After Burrow

    Rosie and Biva have found a superb burrow that Rosie’s father could use when he visits the area.

    11m 59s En

  • Woodsy's "Junk"

    3. Woodsy's "Junk"

    Woodsy’s latest collection is made up of a staggering 345 pine cones that he has hidden in the guest room.

    11m 59s En

  • Honey Berry

    4. Honey Berry

    Rosie wants to give her brothers a surprise afternoon snack in the forest. She needs Lucien, Loudo’s father’s help.

    11m 59s En

  • Edmund the Professor

    5. Edmund the Professor

    Scoutbadger has made a bet with Pico that his father, Edmund, who never gives the children any lessons, will be there tomorrow.

    11m 59s En

  • Mother's Day

    6. Mother's Day

    It’s Mother’s Day when all the mothers get together to talk about their daily lives and the community.

    11m 59s En

  • Walking with Basil

    7. Walking with Basil

    Scoutbadger goes for a walk with Rosie and her father, Basil.

    11m 59s En

  • The Night Out

    8. The Night Out

    Scoutbadger has been invited to sleep over at Martis’s home and, for once, has to ask his father for permission.

    11m 59s En

  • Biva's Secret

    9. Biva's Secret

    Rosie talks too much. She has told the twins that her best friend, Biva, is going to meet Loudo.

    11m 59s En

  • Good as Gold

    10. Good as Gold

    Thinking that Margaret is going to move out, the children decide to go into training to become ‘good children’.

    11m 59s En

  • Baby Sitting

    11. Baby Sitting

    Grandpa and Grandma have come to look after the children.

    11m 59s En

  • A Good Night's Sleep for Rosie

    12. A Good Night's Sleep for Rosie

    Rosie would like to spend a night alone, without Berry.

    11m 59s En

  • Woodsy the Hero

    13. Woodsy the Hero

    Woodsy is suffering from not feeling appreciated enough by the forest children.

    11m 59s En

  • As a Family

    14. As a Family

    Pico and Rosie do not agree with the day’s plans made by their respective families.

    11m 59s En

  • Dad or Biva

    15. Dad or Biva

    Rosie has promised to accompany Biva to her exam. However, the very same day, her father Basil arrives unexpectedly.

    11m 59s En

  • My Brother's Keeper

    16. My Brother's Keeper

    Woodsy has gone camping with Loudo and his father and Scoutbadger finds himself alone.

    11m 59s En

  • The Teddy

    17. The Teddy

    Scoutbadger still has a soft toy, however this morning it is not in its usual place at the bottom of the bed.

    11m 59s En

  • Cat Trap

    18. Cat Trap

    Is Rosie hanging around with the Tomcats? Scoutbadger and Woodsy have some good reasons for thinking so…

    11m 59s En

  • Big Whiskers Day

    19. Big Whiskers Day

    The children want to give their parents a portrait of them which is much more flattering than reality.

    11m 59s En

  • The Talking Carrot

    20. The Talking Carrot

    While their parents are absent, Scoutbadger, Rosie and Woodsy have to agree on the next family outing.

    11m 59s En

  • Martis In Charge

    21. Martis In Charge

    Scoutbadger is detained by Edmund and asks Martis (his best friend) to take their group of friends to the hazelnut tree.

    11m 59s En

  • Imaginary Invalids

    22. Imaginary Invalids

    As the family are gathering in food for the winter, Berry becomes ill and is the focus of her parent’s attention.

    11m 59s En

  • What a Performance

    23. What a Performance

    Rosie, Scoutbadger, Woodsy and Berry decide to put on a show for their parents.

    11m 59s En

  • Fair and Square

    24. Fair and Square

    Grandpa Fox has brought some elderberries for the children.

    11m 59s En

  • Sleepover Party

    25. Sleepover Party

    As Woodsy is going to sleep over at Loudo’s, there is a spare place in the burrow.

    11m 59s En

  • Frenemies

    26. Frenemies

    The Tomcats now consider Rosie as their ‘enemy N°.1’ instead of Scoutbadger.

    11m 59s En

  • Rosie's Instinct

    27. Rosie's Instinct

    It is well known that foxes have very developed instincts.

    11m 59s En

  • The Magic Chestnut

    28. The Magic Chestnut

    Over by the river, Berry finds a magnificent, shiny stone.

    11m 59s En

  • The Slug Hunt

    29. The Slug Hunt

    When foxes lose a canine milk-tooth, there is a little initiation ritual – ‘the hunt for the little slug’.

    11m 59s En

  • A Baby! Are they Crazy?

    30. A Baby! Are they Crazy?

    What if Edmund and Margaret’s secrecy means that they are going to have a new baby?

    11m 59s En

  • The Woodland Rumor

    31. The Woodland Rumor

    The children have been left alone in the burrow and have made a mess.

    11m 59s En

  • Woodsy's Secret

    32. Woodsy's Secret

    Woodsy is desperately trying to do do something that requires calm and concentration but his intrusive family make it impossible.

    11m 59s En

  • Woodsy the Champion

    33. Woodsy the Champion

    Rosie, in order to beat Scoutbadger in a race, entrusts her precious necklace to Woodsy.

    11m 59s En

  • The Grown-Up Life

    34. The Grown-Up Life

    Martis wants to leave, like his older brothers before him.

    11m 59s En

  • Grandpa's Treasure

    35. Grandpa's Treasure

    The children set out to find a treasure that Grandpa and his best friend hid in the forest a long time ago.

    11m 59s En

  • A New Daddy

    36. A New Daddy

    Berry is annoyed with Edmund as he does not want to play at skittles with her.

    11m 59s En

  • The Argument

    37. The Argument

    Today Grandma and Grandpa are going to look after Berry and the twins while Rosie goes fishing with her father.

    11m 59s En

  • The Forest Ball

    38. The Forest Ball

    The badger-foxes have to quickly organize the forest dance. This mainly consists of starting off the dancing.

    11m 59s En

  • Lost with Nothing to Lose

    39. Lost with Nothing to Lose

    Grandpa Fox is teaching Rosie and Woodsy how to find their way in the forest.

    11m 59s En

  • The Flying Badger

    40. The Flying Badger

    The parents leave ‘for an adventure’ and the children decide to have some ‘big adventures’ too.

    11m 59s En

  • Back Together Again

    41. Back Together Again

    The sure way of stopping the arguments between Rosie and Scoutbadger is that Rosie’s parents get back together.

    11m 59s En

  • Martis' Laugh

    42. Martis' Laugh

    Martis has a very distinctive laugh and this becomes an attraction for his friends.

    11m 59s En

  • Berry's Friend

    43. Berry's Friend

    When Rosie, Scoutbadger and Woodsy are busy with their friends, Berry realizes that she does not have one of her own.

    11m 59s En

  • Woodsy the Wimp

    44. Woodsy the Wimp

    Woodsy tried to take some honey from the bees and they chased him.

    11m 59s En

  • Rosie's Bell

    45. Rosie's Bell

    Rosie has the habit of keeping everything they find, which annoys her brothers.

    11m 59s En

  • The Sunset of Sweethearts

    46. The Sunset of Sweethearts

    It’s lovers day in the forest. While Margaret and Edmund are wondering what gifts they can give each other.

    11m 59s En

  • Teamwork

    47. Teamwork

    As part of their feuding, the Tomcats want to lay a trap for Rosie and shut her in a cave.

    11m 59s En

  • The Krakaboo

    48. The Krakaboo

    Grandpa Fox invents a scary story for the children.

    11m 59s En

  • The Secret Friends

    49. The Secret Friends

    Scoutbadger is angry with Martis who prefers to play a game with Loudo

    11m 59s En

  • The Medal

    50. The Medal

    So that his snack and game party is a success, Scoutbadger starts to do all the things that had been allotted to the others.

    11m 59s En

  • Berry Gives the Game Away

    51. Berry Gives the Game Away

    Woodsy has had enough of Berry telling the parents when he does something he shouldn't.

    11m 59s En

  • Basil's Promise

    52. Basil's Promise

    Basil, who has promised Rosie to go with her to find a rare leaf, hears Scoutbadger doubting his ability to keep his promises.

    11m 59s En