The Good Lord Bird
The Good Lord Bird

The Good Lord Bird

1 Season
14+, V, L, M
QC: 13+
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Ethan Hawke stars as abolitionist John Brown in this limited series based on the National Book Award-winning novel. The story is told from the point of view of "Onion," a fictional enslaved boy who becomes a member of Brown's motley family of abolitionist soldiers battling slavery in Kansas, and eventually finds himself in the famous 1859 Army depot raid at Harpers Ferry, an inciting incident of the Civil War.
Drama, History, Mini-Series, War


Maturity Rating

  • Directors

    • Haifaa Al-Mansour
    • Kevin Hooks
    • Albert Hughes
    • Darnell Martin
    • Kate Woods
  • Cast

    • Ethan Hawke
    • Joshua Johnson-Lionel
    • Beau Knapp
    • Hubert Point-Du Jour
    • Nick Eversman
    • Ellar Coltrane
    • Jack Alcott
    • Mo Brings Plenty
    • Daveed Diggs
    • Steve Zahn
    • Wyatt Russell
    • Adam Shapiro
    • David Morse
    • Orlando Jones
    • Keith David
    • McKinley Belcher III
    • Quentin Plair
    • Joel Ashur
    • Crystal Lee Brown
    • Tamberla Perry
    • Grainger Hines
  • Writers

    • Ethan Hawke
    • James McBride
    • Kristen SaBerre
    • Mark Richard
    • Erika L. Johnson
    • Jeff Augustin
  • Executive Producers

    • Padraic McKinley
    • Marshall Persinger
    • David L. Schiff
    • Jason Blum
    • Ethan Hawke
    • Ryan Hawke
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