The Jim Jefferies Show
The Jim Jefferies Show

The Jim Jefferies Show

3 Seasons
14+, L, M
QC: 13+
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Australian comic Jim Jefferies brings his inquisitive, international and at-times controversial point of view to America full time in a weekly late-night series. In addition to his takes on cultural and political issues, Jefferies tackles the week's top stories from behind a talk show-style desk. He also travels to far-off locations to confront hypocrisy around the world. With interviews, international field pieces, and man-on-the-street investigations, Jefferies covers the most relevant current affairs, all through the lens of his distinctive brand of comedy.
Politics, Stand Up, Comedy, Talk Show


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  • Cast

    • Jim Jefferies
  • Writer

    • Jason Reich
  • Executive Producers

    • Jim Jefferies
    • Scott Zabielski
    • Alex Murray
    • Tim Sarkes
    • Jason Reich