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The Larry Sanders Show

The Larry Sanders Show

6 Seasons
QC:  16+
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A behind-the-scenes look at the challenges facing late night talk show host Larry Sanders and his staff, exposing the hubris and insecurity that combine to bring the show to air every night.

  • 18+
  • Language
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 16+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • The Garden Weasel

    1. The Garden Weasel

    Network executives have reluctant Larry do a live commercial.

    27m 35s En

  • The Promise

    2. The Promise

    A comic accepts Larry's help then appears on a competing show.

    24m 33s En

  • The Spider Episode

    3. The Spider Episode

    Larry's fear of spiders proves to be a problem for the show.

    27m 24s En

  • Guest Host

    4. Guest Host

    Hank is upset when Dana Carvey subs for Larry.

    28m 36s En

  • New Producer

    5. New Producer

    A substitute producer tries to oust sick Artie.

    27m 40s En

  • The Flirt Episode

    6. The Flirt Episode

    Jeannie accuses Larry of flirting with guest Mimi Rogers.

    23m 41s En

  • Hank's Contract

    7. Hank's Contract

    Hank holds out for more cash and a "Hankmobile" golf cart for on-set mobility.

    28m 15s En

  • Out of the Loop

    8. Out of the Loop

    Larry wants "in" on the day-to-day operations of the show.

    22m 38s En

  • The Talk Show

    9. The Talk Show

    Larry suffers a devastating concentration lapse on the show.

    24m 33s En

  • The Party

    10. The Party

    Larry discovers he is throwing a dinner party that he didn't plan.

    22m 38s En

  • The Warmth Episode

    11. The Warmth Episode

    Larry hires a focus group to improve his "likability."

    22m 58s En

  • A Brush With the Elbow of Greatness

    12. A Brush With the Elbow of Greatness

    When a woman says Larry pushed her, it becomes tabloid fare.

    22m 2s En

  • Hey Now

    13. Hey Now

    Larry and Hank argue over Hank's on-air napping.

    21m 43s En