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The Last Ship

The Last Ship

5 Seasons
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The U.S.S. Nathan James avoids falling victim to a global catastrophe that nearly decimates the world's population. Captain Tom Chandler and his crew must confront the reality of their new existence in a world where they may be among the only survivors.

  • 14+
  • Violence
  • Mature Themes

  • 13+
  • Violence
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Phase Six

    1. Phase Six

    The crew of a lone naval ship try to save humanity when they discover a deadly virus has wiped out most of the population.

    45m 20s En

  • Welcome To Gitmo

    2. Welcome To Gitmo

    The crew members arrive at the Guantanamo Bay military base to collect food, fuel and medical supplies.

    41m 59s En

  • Dead Reckoning

    3. Dead Reckoning

    The crew faces a new foe targeting Rachel and her research, leading Chandler to engage in a series of dangerous strategic maneuvers.

    41m 55s En

  • We'll Get There

    4. We'll Get There

    Chandler's leadership is put to the test when the ship's propulsion system is in danger of breaking down.

    42m 0s En

  • El Toro

    5. El Toro

    A mission to help Rachel with her vaccine trials leads Chandler and a small team into the jungles of Nicaragua.

    41m 53s En

  • Lockdown

    6. Lockdown

    Panic spreads when Danny Green catches a mysterious illness that might be the virus.

    42m 33s En

  • SOS

    7. SOS

    A distress call near Jamaica is received. Chandler and a small team stage a rescue mission, only to fall victim to a surprise attack.

    41m 36s En

  • Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar…

    8. Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar…

    Slattery assumes the role of commanding officer when Chandler and Tex get ensnared in a perilous situation.

    41m 46s En

  • Trials

    9. Trials

    The crew of a naval destroyer is forced to confront the reality of a new existence when a pandemic kills off most of the earth's population.

    42m 2s En

  • No Place Like Home

    10. No Place Like Home

    Chandler and the crew journey home and a political power player battles a menacing warlord.

    41m 54s En