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The Latin Kitchen

The Latin Kitchen

1 Season
QC:  8+
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Culinary favorites from Mexico, Spain and Venezuela.
Cooking, Food, Reality

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  • QC: 8+


  • Chilies, Chilies, Chilies!

    1. Chilies, Chilies, Chilies!

    Chef Luis Valenzuela brings the heat to the kitchen with four different chili recipes.

    22m 5s En

  • Spanish Tapas

    2. Spanish Tapas

    Chef Luis Tigretón Leon shows us four traditional mouth-watering tapas dishes.

    22m 6s En

  • Traditional Venezuelan Recipes

    3. Traditional Venezuelan Recipes

    Host Juan Pablo Gonzalez cooks traditional Venezuelan dishes.

    22m 5s En

  • Classic Mexican Dishes With Avocado

    4. Classic Mexican Dishes With Avocado

    The avocado is a staple in Mexican cuisine.

    22m 5s En

  • Ajillo

    5. Ajillo

    Chef Luis Tigretón Leon cooks up three succulent dishes that sure to please any garlic lover.

    22m 5s En

  • Plantain Recipes

    6. Plantain Recipes

    Juan Pablo Gonzalez shows us how to use plaintains in both sweet and savoury dishes.

    22m 5s En

  • Mexican Street Food

    7. Mexican Street Food

    Chef Luis Valenzuela shares the secrets to four irresistible street food recipes

    22m 5s En

  • Spanish Coastal Recipes

    8. Spanish Coastal Recipes

    Spanish host Luis “Tigretón” Leon shares his take on four traditional dishes from the Basque region.

    22m 5s En

  • Dinner, Venezuelan Style

    9. Dinner, Venezuelan Style

    Impress your dinner guests with Juan Pablo Gonzalez’s four-course Venezuelan menu.

    22m 5s En

  • Traditional Mexican Beans

    10. Traditional Mexican Beans

    Chef Luis Valenzuela fries up classic Mexican bean recipes.

    22m 5s En

  • Seafood With A Spanish Twist

    11. Seafood With A Spanish Twist

    Chef Luis “Tigretón” Leon shows us the secret to perfecting paella.

    22m 5s En

  • Arepas: Venezuela's National Bread

    12. Arepas: Venezuela's National Bread

    Venezuelan-born Juan Pablo Gonzalez is an expert in his home country's national bread, the arepa.

    22m 5s En

  • Baja Dishes

    13. Baja Dishes

    Chef Luis Valenzuela takes viewers on a culinary tour of the Baja region of Mexico.

    22m 5s En

  • Spain's Specialty: Pork

    14. Spain's Specialty: Pork

    Spanish Chef Luis Tigretón Leon prepares four scrumptious dishes with this traditional ingredient.

    22m 6s En

  • Venezuelan Corn

    15. Venezuelan Corn

    Juan Pablo Gonzalez inspires us with corn recipes from his home country.

    22m 6s En