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The Leftovers

The Leftovers

3 Seasons
QC:  13+
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  • CRAVE ( En, Fr )
  • SUPER ÉCRAN ( Fr )
In a global cataclysm, "The Sudden Departure," 140 million people disappeared without a trace. Three years later, residents of Mapleton, N.Y., try to maintain equilibrium when the notion of "normal" no longer applies. Intense grief has divided families and turned faith to cynicism, paranoia and madness, leading some of the traumatized to join the Guilty Remnant, a cultlike group. Kevin Garvey, a beleaguered police chief, must keep peace between townspeople and the cult, a task made tougher with concern about his kids.
Drama, Fantasy

  • 14+
  • Violence
  • Language
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 13+
  • Violence
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Pilot

    1. Pilot

    Police chief Kevin Garvey tries to maintain a sense of normalcy in his strained community.

    1h 11m 44s EnFr

  • Penguin One, Us Zero

    2. Penguin One, Us Zero

    Kevin goes to a therapist; Tom and Christine wind up in a precarious situation.

    56m 13s EnFr

  • Two Boats and a Helicopter

    3. Two Boats and a Helicopter

    Rev. Matt Jamison struggles to hold onto his church in the wake of threats and debts.

    52m 23s EnFr

  • B.J. and the A.C.

    4. B.J. and the A.C.

    Kevin tries to find out who is responsible for a holiday display; Kevin gets unexpected visitors.

    50m 41s EnFr

  • Gladys

    5. Gladys

    A hate crime tests Laurie's resolve; Kevin turns down an offer of assistance.

    55m 15s EnFr

  • Guest

    6. Guest

    Nora takes care of some unfinished business before heading to New York for a conference.

    51m 47s EnFr

  • Solace for Tired Feet

    7. Solace for Tired Feet

    Kevin learns that his father has escaped the psychiatric hospital; Tom makes a discovery.

    57m 13s EnFr

  • Cairo

    8. Cairo

    Kevin is afraid that he may be losing touch with reality; Meg loses control.

    56m 1s EnFr

  • The Garveys at Their Best

    9. The Garveys at Their Best

    Kevin tries to suppress his bad habits while tracking down a deer; Laurie receives some news.

    55m 43s EnFr

  • The Prodigal Son Returns

    10. The Prodigal Son Returns

    Mapleton is plunged into chaos by the Guilty Remnant's elaborate Memorial Day initiative.

    53m 0s EnFr