The Miracle
The Miracle

The Miracle

1 Season
14+, V, L, N
QC: 13+
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In the wake of a raid on a Mafia boss, the police encounter a statue of Maria that weeps blood. A mystery ensues that soon upsets the lives of all people that come in contact with the case.
Drama, Mystery, Mini-Series, Crime


Maturity Rating

  • Directors

    • Francesco Munzi
    • Niccolò Ammaniti
    • Lucio Pellegrini
  • Cast

    • Guido Caprino
    • Alba Rohrwacher
    • Lorenza Indovina
    • Paola Lavini
    • Elena Lietti
    • Tommaso Ragno
  • Writers

    • Niccolò Ammaniti
    • Francesca Manieri
    • Francesca Marciano
    • Stefano Bises