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The Seventies

The Seventies

1 Season
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Episodes examine the people, events and cultural touchstones that defined the '70s, delving into everything from the impact of the Vietnam War to the unprecedented scandal of Watergate.
Documentary, History

  • 14+
  • Violence
  • Nudity
  • Mature Themes


  • Television Gets Real

    1. Television Gets Real

    Due to a new sophistication in programming as well as an introduction of new formats, television matures into the medium we know today.

    42m 1s

  • The United States vs. Nixon

    2. The United States vs. Nixon

    A "third rate burglary" leads to the only presidential resignation in American history.

    42m 37s

  • Peace With Honor

    3. Peace With Honor

    As America withdraws from Vietnam the country begins to reconcile with the effects and impact of the war.

    42m 8s

  • Crimes & Cults

    4. Crimes & Cults

    An unprecedented wave of violent crimes grips America throughout the decade.

    42m 2s

  • The State of the Union is Not Good

    5. The State of the Union is Not Good

    America seems to go from bad to worse as the country careens from crisis to crisis.

    42m 7s

  • Battle of the Sexes

    6. Battle of the Sexes

    America undergoes a dramatic shift of sexual mores, customs and gender roles.

    42m 8s

  • Terrorism at Home and Abroad

    7. Terrorism at Home and Abroad

    The birth and evolution of terrorism as we know it today.

    42m 1s

  • What's Goin' On

    8. What's Goin' On

    American popular music explodes into new formats while established artists find new creative voice.

    42m 6s