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The Third Day S.-T.F.

The Third Day S.-T.F.

1 Season
QC:  13+
Included with a subscription to:
  • SUPER ÉCRAN ( Fr )
A man and a woman make separate journeys to a mysterious island off the British coast.

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 13+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Friday - The Father S.-T.F.

    1. Friday - The Father S.-T.F.

    After Sam, a London family man in crisis, rescues a troubled young girl in the woods, he brings her home to the ominous Osea Island.

    58m 49s Fr

  • Saturday - The Son S.-T.F.

    2. Saturday - The Son S.-T.F.

    Plagued by a disturbing dream, Sam awakes to find himself in a compromising situation.

    58m 6s Fr

  • Sunday - The Ghost S.-T.F.

    3. Sunday - The Ghost S.-T.F.

    Sam is in the fight of his life as he tries desperately to escape the islanders' clutches.

    57m 8s Fr

  • Monday - The Mother S.-T.F.

    4. Monday - The Mother S.-T.F.

    Helen surprises her two daughters with a trip to Osea Islan, but cannot find a place to stay.

    57m 39s Fr

  • Tuesday - The Daughter S.-T.F.

    5. Tuesday - The Daughter S.-T.F.

    Helen reveals her true intentions in coming to Osea and is pressed on her past.

    59m 52s Fr

  • Last Day - The Dark S.-T.F.

    6. Last Day - The Dark S.-T.F.

    As tensions reach a fever pitch for all those on Osea Island, Helen and her girls make a desperate final attempt to escape.

    1h 1m 3s Fr