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Time of Death

Time of Death

1 Season
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People are mortal, which is a point driven home by this series that follows people who are facing their imminent mortality. The terminally ill people on Time of Death are supported by family, friends, health care professionals, and hospice workers.

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Mature Themes


  • Maria & Michael

    1. Maria & Michael

    Maria awaits CAT scan results. Michael confronts regrets.

    52m 37s

  • Maria & Lenore

    2. Maria & Lenore

    Maria gets excited about a clinical trial. Lenore prepares to say goodbye.

    54m 38s

  • Maria & Cheyenne

    3. Maria & Cheyenne

    Little struggles as Maria's caretaker. Cheyenne seeks redemption.

    56m 8s

  • Maria & Toni

    4. Maria & Toni

    Maria's ex, Jim, pays a visit; Dr. Yancey reconciles her limited time.

    51m 49s

  • Maria, Laura & Brad

    5. Maria, Laura & Brad

    Maria goes to court to protect her children; Brad resigns himself to death.

    57m 12s

  • Maria & Nicolle

    6. Maria & Nicolle

    Will Maria's daughter finally get custody of her siblings?

    58m 7s