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Time Traveling Bong

Time Traveling Bong

1 Season
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Broad City's Ilana Glazer and Paul W. Downs play two cousins who discover a time-traveling bong and ride high as they blaze through time. Their buzz is killed when the bong breaks and the cousins are forced to bounce around the space time continuum.

  • 14+


  • The Beginning

    1. The Beginning

    Cousins Jeff and Sharee discover a time-traveling bong and get stuck bouncing around the space-time continuum.

    22m 6s

  • The Middle

    2. The Middle

    Cousins Jeff and Sharee try to emancipate some slaves and then kidnap a young Michael Jackson.

    22m 0s

  • The End…?

    3. The End…?

    Cousins Jeff and Sharee find themselves in a Greek orgy and blaze to the future (where it sucks).

    23m 9s