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Time Warp

Time Warp

2 Seasons
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MIT engineer Jeff Lieberman bends time and blows minds as he uses state-of-the-art camera equipment and editing techniques to allow viewers to see what happens in cracks, crashes and punches to the face, for the naked eye to register exactly what happens.
Science & Technology

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  • Stone Breaking

    1. Stone Breaking

    Cameras reveal the force of Kung Tao hits to stone slabs.

    21m 32s

  • Will It Blend?

    2. Will It Blend?

    Chad and Jeff explore the techniques of juggling.

    21m 25s

  • Dry Ice Bomb

    3. Dry Ice Bomb

    The team shows the disastrous results of throwing water on a grease fire.

    21m 21s

  • Fuel Girls

    4. Fuel Girls

    The secret behind the Fuel Girl's fiery breath.

    21m 22s

  • Taser

    5. Taser

    Taser gun.

    21m 18s

  • Human Crash Test Dummy

    6. Human Crash Test Dummy

    Rusty Haight helps the state police by intentionally crashing his car.

    21m 23s

  • Samurai Sword Master

    7. Samurai Sword Master

    A samurai swordsman's lethal blow; a pool pro; the inner workings of a hummingbird.

    21m 21s

  • Free Runner

    8. Free Runner

    Freerunners; a solid liquid; water droplets.

    21m 22s

  • Bull Whip

    9. Bull Whip

    The team captures the sonic boom of a bull whip.

    21m 16s

  • Liquid Nitrogen

    10. Liquid Nitrogen

    The team tests the freezing power of liquid nitrogen.

    21m 22s

  • Breakdancing

    11. Breakdancing

    Power tools; break-dancing; firing bullets under water.

    21m 17s

  • Paintball

    12. Paintball

    Storm-blown glass; paintballs; flaming cocktails; Yo-Yo professionals.

    21m 21s

  • Cheerleading

    13. Cheerleading

    Shooting skeet with an Olympian; the acrobatics of the Boston College cheerleaders.

    21m 17s

  • Trial Bikes

    14. Trial Bikes

    Stunts of two urban bike riders; the precision of an ice skater.

    21m 19s

  • Sharpshooter

    15. Sharpshooter

    Old West champion sharpshooter.

    21m 21s

  • Barefooter

    16. Barefooter

    World-class barefoot water-skier; Samurai martial arts expert; drummer with a world speed record.

    21m 20s

  • Stuntmen

    17. Stuntmen

    What happens during a movie fight scene.

    21m 21s

  • Body Modification

    18. Body Modification

    The pain of body modification; the energy flow of a Wushu master; quick-stepping tap dancers.

    21m 20s

  • Traps

    19. Traps

    Trap testing with the Rev. Tommy Gunn.

    21m 20s