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2 Seasons
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The spark in Brett and Michelle Pierson's marriage is all but extinguished. When his best friend, Alex, and Michelle's sister, Tina, move in with the Piersons, the four adults try to remain good friends/siblings/spouses while achieving their personal goals.

  • 14+
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  • Mature Themes


  • Family Day

    1. Family Day

    A struggling actor is evicted from his apartment, and his best friend tries to convince him to stay in Los Angeles.

    27m 55s

  • Handcuffs

    2. Handcuffs

    Tina tries to get Alex out of his funk by enlisting him to help with her business.

    24m 46s

  • Insanity

    3. Insanity

    Brett's invite to a movie premiere leads to a night on the town.

    27m 57s

  • Houston We Have a Problem

    4. Houston We Have a Problem

    Alex and Tina fly to Houston to pack up her belongings; Tina finds herself jealous of Alex.

    26m 58s

  • Kick the Can

    5. Kick the Can

    Michelle organizes a day of fun with old friends.

    26m 50s

  • Ghost in Chains

    6. Ghost in Chains

    Brett meets a woman during a morning hike; Tina tries to make peace with Alex by getting him an audition.

    25m 20s

  • Party Time

    7. Party Time

    Michelle throws a fundraising party for the charter school; Tina struggles with her bouncy-castle business.

    27m 9s

  • Not So Together

    8. Not So Together

    Alex seeks out Tina when he receives some news about his career.

    28m 45s