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12 Seasons
QC:  13+
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With razor sharp wit and biting commentary, comedian Daniel Tosh delves into all aspects of the Internet from the absolutely absurd to the incredibly ingenious.
Stand Up, Comedy

  • 14+
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  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 13+
  • Langage vulgaire
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  • Afro Ninja

    1. Afro Ninja

    The Afro Ninja gets a Web Redemption, Daniel learns how croutons are made + more.

    21m 33s En

  • Miss Teen South Carolina

    2. Miss Teen South Carolina

    Daniel gives a Google lesson, Ashton Kutcher exploits Demi Moore, and Miss Teen South Carolina gets a Web Redemption.

    21m 33s En

  • News Puke Kid

    3. News Puke Kid

    Fred Willard flaunts his celebrity encounters, Daniel makes Demi Moore's thicket a hit, Megan Fox has toe thumbs + more.

    21m 18s En

  • Take a Tumble

    4. Take a Tumble

    Tumbling Scarlet gets a Web Redemption, Terrell Owens apologizes for the 2009-2010 football season + more.

    21m 32s En

  • Chris Crocker

    5. Chris Crocker

    Asians impersonate Christopher Walken, Daniel reviews his assets, Chris Crocker receives a Web Redemption + more.

    21m 33s En

  • Balloon Guy Bill

    6. Balloon Guy Bill

    Balloon Guy Bill Monroe gets a Web Redemption, Daniel plays Hungry Hungry Hippos with Lebron James + more.

    21m 34s En

  • Worst Best Man

    7. Worst Best Man

    Harland Williams starts a deli duel, Daniel answers tweets about zombie sex + more.

    21m 32s En

  • "Why Must I Cry?"

    8. "Why Must I Cry?"

    Daniel re-cuts Reh Dogg's music video, "Why Must I Cry," Kristin Cavallari shares unsolicited advice + more.

    21m 33s En

  • Dizzy Dunk

    9. Dizzy Dunk

    Tommy Chong stars in "Weed vs. Salvia," Dizzy Dunk Guy gets a Web Redemption + more.

    21m 33s En

  • Skateboard Girl

    10. Skateboard Girl

    Fans respond to Daniel's Popcorn Challenge, Skateboard Girl gets a Web Redemption + more.

    21m 15s En

  • Tron Guy

    11. Tron Guy

    Internet Fred's biggest fan defends Fred's fame, Tron Guy gets a Web Redemption + more.

    21m 32s En

  • Crying Giants Fan

    12. Crying Giants Fan

    David Letterman inspires a flash mob, Daniel explores race stereotypes, Bill Allen recreates a scene from "Rad," + more.

    21m 31s En

  • Backyard Wrestler

    13. Backyard Wrestler

    Old Lee recites Miley Cyrus tweets, Daniel visits Adultcon with an Internet fetish idea + more.

    21m 31s En

  • N64 Kid

    14. N64 Kid

    The N64 Kid gets a Web Redemption, Daniel puts 20 Seconds on the Clock for a rabid fruit bat, and zit popping videos trend on the Internet.

    21m 16s En

  • Trampled Cheerleader

    15. Trampled Cheerleader

    Nazis play frisbee, Daniel answers Twitter questions about celebrities, and the Trampled Cheerleader gets a Web Redemption.

    21m 35s En

  • Ladder Fail Guy

    16. Ladder Fail Guy

    The Accordion Kid masters something no one wants to listen to, Daniel prevails in arm wrestling + more.

    21m 34s En