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Tougher Than It Looks

Tougher Than It Looks

1 Season
QC:  G
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  • CRAVE ( Fr )
From competitive professional eaters to demolition derby drivers who risk their lives for little pay but loads of glory, each and every episode will find Younghusband taking on wildly different experiences. Whether it’s an all-girl roller derby dust-up, or trying to keep up with his marathon-running mom, Younghusband will push himself to the limits of his physical and mental abilities, bringing his unique comic talent to everything he does.

  • G

  • QC: G


  • Balance

    1. Balance

    Andrew tries to hang 10 as he tackles winter surfing, a FloRider in Florida, and skateboarding.

    22m 6s Fr

  • Rodeo

    2. Rodeo

    Andrew tries his hand at rodeo trick roping, rodeo clowning and even bull riding.

    22m 6s Fr

  • Deep Sea Fishing

    3. Deep Sea Fishing

    Andrew travels to Prince Edward Island to harvest oysters and to Florida to catch big game fish.

    22m 6s Fr

  • Riding A Bike

    4. Riding A Bike

    Andrew tries snow biking, learns to jump dirt bikes, and pedals through Toronto as a bike courier.

    22m 6s Fr

  • Commercial Diving

    5. Commercial Diving

    Andrews plunges 170 feet down to see what it takes to become an underwater construction worker.

    22m 6s Fr

  • Circus Skills

    6. Circus Skills

    Andrew joins the Urias family and attempts to ride a motorcycle in the Globe of Death.

    22m 6s Fr

  • Trying Not To Fall Down

    7. Trying Not To Fall Down

    Andrew tries to not fall down as he tackles pairs skating, the star lift, and wake boarding.

    22m 6s Fr

  • Handling Farm Animals

    8. Handling Farm Animals

    Andrew tackles some farm chores, including inseminating a cow, sheep shearing, and being a farrier.

    22m 6s Fr

  • Being Scottish

    9. Being Scottish

    Andrew faces off against some of the top highland games athletes in the world.

    22m 6s Fr

  • Extreme Rescue

    10. Extreme Rescue

    Andrew joins professional trainers in an intensive course on whitewater river rescue techniques.

    22m 6s Fr