Tracey Ullman's Show
Tracey Ullman's Show

Tracey Ullman's Show

3 Seasons
14+, L, M
QC: 13+
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Acclaimed actress, writer and producer Tracey Ullman returns to the UK to front her latest comedy series. Last appearing on British television in the 1980s, Ullman went on to find great success after emigrating to the US. In this show the host celebrates Britain by taking on the personas of its residents and tourists. A series of sketches sees Ullman bring her own humorous portrayal of familiar characters. The first episode features a disaster-prone massage therapist, a rather mischievous Dame Judi Dench and an MP who goes topless for votes.


Maturity Rating

  • Directors

    • Dominic Brigstocke
    • Nick Collett
  • Producer

    • Caroline Norris
  • Cast

    • Tracey Ullman
    • Lucy Montgomery
    • Samantha Spiro
  • Writers

    • Gemma Arrowsmith
    • Kevin Cecil
    • Tony Cooke
    • Jeremy Dyson
    • Laurence Howarth
    • Giles Pilbrow
    • Laurence Richard
    • Andy Riley
    • Brona C. Titley
    • Tracey Ullman
  • Executive Producers

    • Tracey Ullman
    • Gareth Edwards
  • Creator

    • Tracey Ullman