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True Crime with Aphrodite Jones

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones

3 Seasons
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True Crime with Aphrodite Jones features Jones delving into some of the most heinous murder cases and crimes of our time.
Documentary, Crime

  • 14+
  • Violence
  • Mature Themes


  • Scott Peterson

    1. Scott Peterson

    Laci Peterson and her unborn child are found dead and her husband Scott is convicted of killing her.

    44m 31s

  • O.J. Simpson

    2. O.J. Simpson

    The Las Vegas kidnapping case that put O.J. Simpson in jail was one of many highly publicized Simpson cases with a singular theme - rage.

    44m 27s

  • Staircase Killer: Michael Peterson

    3. Staircase Killer: Michael Peterson

    The wife of a novelist turns up dead at the bottom of a staircase and her husband is convicted of killing her. But did he?

    44m 25s

  • Phil Spector

    4. Phil Spector

    Music legend Phil Spector is charged with murder when an actress is found dead in his home.

    44m 30s

  • Zodiac Killer

    5. Zodiac Killer

    The identity of the most notorious serial kill in California history still remains a mystery.

    44m 29s

  • Dog Mauling

    6. Dog Mauling

    Two vicious dogs savagely kill a woman in a San Francisco apartment.

    44m 31s

  • Menendez Brothers

    7. Menendez Brothers

    Two brothers murder their wealthy parents. Authorities say it was for money. The brothers say it was out of fear.

    44m 30s

  • Michael Jackson

    8. Michael Jackson

    Jones sets out to prove that charges for child abuse were just as responsible for Jackson's early death as much as drugs.

    44m 23s

  • Skylar DeLeon

    9. Skylar DeLeon

    Jones goes on a hunt for a missing couple and discovers a horrifying web of deceit that leads to one of the most disturbing cases ever.

    44m 30s

  • Chandra Levy

    10. Chandra Levy

    When Chandra Levy went missing, a U.S. congressman falls under suspicion. Jones examines the story's media circus.

    44m 30s