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1 Season
QC:  13+
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  • CRAVE ( Fr )
Five best friends graduated together and decided after that to live together. A mother, a father, a lesbian, a model and a final one who tried everything to be a good worker.
Teen, Drama

  • 14+

  • QC: 13+


  • Pilot

    1. Pilot

    Friends pursue lofty goals and romantic dreams on the road to adulthood.

    41m 37s Fr

  • The Crib

    2. The Crib

    Raviva threatens to move out; Daphne continues her romance with Todd; Sophia is arrested.

    40m 37s Fr

  • The Roommate

    3. The Roommate

    Miles does not think he can handle living with a baby; Todd steals Daphne's idea.

    40m 33s Fr

  • The Days of Yore

    4. The Days of Yore

    Lou and Raviva disagree over money; Miles is hired on Daphne's campaign; Sophia's parents visit.

    41m 9s Fr

  • The Trivial Pursuit

    5. The Trivial Pursuit

    Lou and Raviva are given the go-ahead for post-baby intercourse; the gang competes in trivia night.

    40m 8s Fr

  • The Tasting

    6. The Tasting

    Miles and Daphne host a party for their client; Sophia regrets letting Laura buy her a new phone.

    40m 11s Fr

  • The Focus Group

    7. The Focus Group

    Daphne hires Raviva and Sophia for a focus group; Sophia struggles to pay rent; Raviva worries.

    39m 19s Fr

  • The Gig

    8. The Gig

    Raviva gets her first gig; Lou finds out Jamel was involved; Daphne worries about Todd.

    40m 21s Fr

  • The Confession

    9. The Confession

    Daphne wants to impress Todd with a classy party; Bekah sends scandalous texts.

    40m 44s Fr

  • The Kids

    10. The Kids

    Miles makes plans for he and Lou; Daphne wants Todd to tag along; Sophia crashes.

    40m 35s Fr

  • The Message

    11. The Message

    Sophia releases her book; Daphne must choose between Todd and Miles.

    39m 57s Fr

  • The Heart

    12. The Heart

    Miles decides to pursue modeling abroad and invites Daphne; Lou wants to win Raviva back.

    40m 3s Fr