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2 Seasons
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With the country on the brink of Civil War, the struggle for freedom is more dangerous than ever. Underground tells the story of American heroes and their harrowing journey to freedom, with legendary Harriet Tubman blazing the trail.
History, Drama

  • 14+
  • Violence
  • Language
  • Mature Themes


  • Macon 7

    1. Macon 7

    In 1857, a group of slaves on a Georgia plantation make the dangerous decision to journey 600 miles north for the promise of freedom.

    46m 56s

  • War Chest

    2. War Chest

    A plantation dance becomes the perfect distraction for a heist while John and Elizabeth step into a strange new world.

    44m 47s

  • The Lord's Day

    3. The Lord's Day

    The timetable for escape is agreed upon and Rosalee is tasked with the most important part of the plan.

    44m 18s

  • Firefly

    4. Firefly

    A notorious slave hunter tracks the runners as John and Elizabeth face a lethal predicament.

    44m 31s

  • Run & Gun

    5. Run & Gun

    The runners find themselves thwarted at every turn while making a mad dash to catch a train heading north.

    43m 32s

  • Troubled Water

    6. Troubled Water

    The road takes its toll on August; the runners are trapped in a floating coffin.

    44m 51s

  • Cradle

    7. Cradle

    Children lose their innocence when forced to face the harsh realities of the world.

    44m 16s

  • Graves

    8. Graves

    As death closes in, the runners have no choice but to hide in plain sight; Ernestine faces her worst fear.

    41m 15s

  • Black and Blue

    9. Black and Blue

    The rescue mission for a member of the Macon 7 takes a deadly turn; John and Elizabeth challenge each other's choices.

    42m 3s

  • The White Whale

    10. The White Whale

    Everyone must pay for their sins when the day of reckoning arrives.

    44m 45s