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Urban Vermin

Urban Vermin

1 Season
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Abe and Ken are two brothers who know their way around an average pile of trash. Maybe it's because they love garbage the way people love their morning coffee. Or maybe it's because they've eaten trash their entire lives. Or maybe it's because they're raccoons. And for a raccoon, garbage is power. That's Ken's angle. Big Bro' Abe, Ken has clawed his way to the top of the vermin world. Using his nefarious mind, Ken has assembled an army of evil rats and seeks to gain control of The Block.
Adventure, Animation, Kids

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  • Arms Race

    1. Arms Race

    The GLF have to stop Ken from using Coco's old invention.

    22m 16s En

  • Dog of War

    2. Dog of War

    The GLF have to stop Ken's bionic Chihuahua from destroying the block.

    22m 15s En

  • Rat Pack

    3. Rat Pack

    Ken is usurped by one of his rat officers.

    22m 16s En

  • Hearts and Minds

    4. Hearts and Minds

    The GLF must protect Juanita from Ken's dirty tactics.

    22m 15s En

  • Stink Club

    5. Stink Club

    Madman quits the GLF and joins Stink Club.

    22m 15s En

  • Dirty Dozen Donuts

    6. Dirty Dozen Donuts

    Nigel's nephew visits the GLF.

    22m 15s En

  • Tunnel Vision

    7. Tunnel Vision

    Coco creates glasses for Nigel.

    22m 16s En

  • The Mole That Came In From the Cold

    8. The Mole That Came In From the Cold

    The GFL is infiltrated by a spy.

    22m 16s En

  • An Acorn Too Far

    9. An Acorn Too Far

    The GFL go to the park for R&R.

    22m 15s En

  • Operation Antidote

    10. Operation Antidote

    Abe gets poisoned and the GFL must find an antidote.

    22m 15s En

  • Radio Free Rubbish

    11. Radio Free Rubbish

    Abe and Ken.

    22m 15s En

  • Shell Shocked

    12. Shell Shocked

    Abe gets amnesia.

    22m 15s En

  • Black Box Down

    13. Black Box Down

    A mysterious black box crash lands in the Block.

    22m 16s En

  • We Won

    14. We Won

    Ken traps the GLF in an alternate reality.

    22m 16s En

  • Dirty Rotten Mammals

    15. Dirty Rotten Mammals

    Abe and Ken think their mom has returned.

    22m 15s En

  • Dream Weasel

    16. Dream Weasel

    Ken has Zitzy creates a Dream Weasal that sees into his enemies dreams.

    22m 15s En

  • Run Coco Run

    17. Run Coco Run

    Ken is holding a talent show and the grand prize is a shrimp ring.

    22m 15s En

  • Raiders of the Lost Kazoo

    18. Raiders of the Lost Kazoo

    A secret map is found with the directions to the legendary lost Kazoo of Doom.

    22m 15s En

  • Double or Nothing

    19. Double or Nothing

    Madman finds his identical twin.

    22m 15s En

  • Ferret Buellers Day Off

    20. Ferret Buellers Day Off

    The GLF tires to show No-Neck how to enjoy a day off while evading Zity.

    22m 15s En

  • An Officer and a Chipmunk

    21. An Officer and a Chipmunk

    Chuck the chipmunk shows up for recruitment.

    22m 15s En

  • War of the Roses

    22. War of the Roses

    A budding romance between Nigel and Coco had Zitzy creating a love formula.

    22m 15s En

  • Quake

    23. Quake

    The GLF and ken are shaken up by an earthquake.

    22m 15s En

  • Behind the Garbage

    24. Behind the Garbage

    Biffy returns to film a documentary of the GLF for his school project.

    22m 15s En

  • Rashomom

    25. Rashomom

    Hans makes the perfect pie for his mom on her birthday.

    22m 15s En

  • Nero Go Home

    26. Nero Go Home

    Nero contacts the GLF for help in finding his way home.

    22m 15s En