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Vendre ou rénover au Québec

Vendre ou rénover au Québec

4 Seasons
QC:  G
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  • CRAVE ( Fr )
Real estate agent Maïka Desnoyers and designer Daniel Corbin headline this new edition which takes up the original concept again. Every show presents a couple whose house doesn’t fit them anymore. One wants to renovate, the other wants to move. And so starts a competition between the designer and the real estate agent to either transform their current home or find another that meets their needs. At the end, the owners have to make a hard choice: keep their home or move.
Home, Real Estate

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  • QC: G


  • Episode 1

    1. Episode 1

    With three kids, Marianne and Vincent are cramped in their current condo in the St. Henri neighbourhood in Montreal.

    45m 33s Fr

  • Episode 2

    2. Episode 2

    Since their daughters left the nest, Johanne and Régis's large split-level house in Longueuil is too big and doesn’t fit their lifestyle.

    45m 33s Fr

  • Episode 3

    3. Episode 3

    Michèle and Nicolas bought their bungalow in the Duvernay neighbourhood in Laval 22 years ago and never finished their renovations.

    45m 33s Fr

  • Episode 4

    4. Episode 4

    When Chantal and Benoit bought their first house in St. Catherine in 2002, it was a compromise. Now, Chantal wants to move.

    45m 33s Fr

  • Episode 5

    5. Episode 5

    Martine and Vincent united their reconstituted family in Vincent’s bungalow in St. Eustache, but the house is too cramped for seven people.

    45m 33s Fr

  • Episode 6

    6. Episode 6

    Marie-Chantal and Alain bought a house to renovate in the Ville-Émard neighbourhood in Montreal. Twelve years later, they're still not done!

    45m 33s Fr

  • Episode 7

    7. Episode 7

    Véronique loves hers and Danny's cottage in La Prairie. However, after eight years, Danny wants a house better adapted to their family.

    45m 33s Fr

  • Episode 8

    8. Episode 8

    Rachel and Jacques bought their house in a hurry years ago. Now that their kids are grown up, Rachel wants to buy the house of her dreams!

    45m 33s Fr

  • Episode 9

    9. Episode 9

    Marie-Ève and Nicolas moved into a bungalow in Carignan to renovate it. However, the arrival of a third child messed up their plans.

    45m 33s Fr

  • Episode 10

    10. Episode 10

    When they bought their Laval bungalow, Karine had Fabrice promise to start renovating during the first year. Since, nothing has been done.

    45m 33s Fr

  • Episode 11

    11. Episode 11

    Mélanie and Martin's cottage, which was converted into a duplex, in Saint-Basile-le-Grand needs a lot of renovation.

    45m 33s Fr

  • Episode 12

    12. Episode 12

    Valérie and Alexandre settled in to start a family in a bungalow in Sainte-Marie-Madeline. It is definitely too small and badly divided.

    45m 33s Fr

  • Episode 13

    13. Episode 13

    Vivianne and Marc's cottage in Saint-Basile-le-Grand is too far from Longueuil, where their kids have to go several times a week.

    45m 33s Fr