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6 Seasons
QC:  13+
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Viking Ragnar Lothbrok is a young farmer and family man who is frustrated by the policies of Earl Haraldson, his local chieftain who sends his Viking raiders east to the Baltic states. Ragnar wants to head west, across the ocean, to discover new civilizations.
Drama, Action, Adventure

  • 14+
  • Violence

  • QC: 13+
  • Violence


  • Rites of Passage

    1. Rites of Passage

    Ragnar Lothbrok dreams of finding riches by bucking the tradition of raiding to the east.

    46m 31s Fr

  • Wrath of the Northmen

    2. Wrath of the Northmen

    Ragnar gathers a crew willing to risk their lives; Earl Haraldson's paranoia reaches new heights.

    47m 4s Fr

  • Dispossessed

    3. Dispossessed

    Ragnar and his crew raid a monastery in Lindesfarne for everything it contains.

    45m 7s Fr

  • Trial

    4. Trial

    Ragnar and his crew head back to England with Earl Haraldson's permission; the Vikings invade Hexam.

    45m 11s Fr

  • Raid

    5. Raid

    A seer reads Earl Haraldson's future and tells him that Ragnar searches for his death.

    44m 5s Fr

  • Burial of the Dead

    6. Burial of the Dead

    Ragnar must meet the Earl head-on after it comes to light that Rollo has been tortured.

    43m 44s Fr

  • A King's Ransom

    7. A King's Ransom

    Three Viking ships sail upriver towards the Royal Villa of King Aelle; Ragnar looks for ransom.

    43m 44s Fr

  • Sacrifice

    8. Sacrifice

    The pilgrimage to Uppsalla brings a torrent of emotions for Ragnar, Lagertha, and Athelstan.

    46m 40s Fr

  • All Change

    9. All Change

    Ragnar assembles a small party to travel to Gotaland to resolve a land dispute with Jarl Borg.

    44m 54s Fr

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(French) Vikings Season 6 Trailer

(French) Vikings Season 6 Trailer

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