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4 Seasons
QC:  8+
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Canada's most-watched current affairs and documentary program, tackling major stories and investigations.
News, Documentary

  • PG

  • QC: 8+


  • Unconquered

    1. Unconquered

    W5's Invictus Games Special profiles Canada's wounded warrior athletes

    45m 6s En

  • Red Eye/Mesh Misery

    2. Red Eye/Mesh Misery

    W5 investigates pilot fatigue and safety rules that may leave passengers at risk.

    45m 17s En

  • Act of Kindness/Into the Eye

    3. Act of Kindness/Into the Eye

    How one stranger comforted a dying Canadian man gunned down in the Las Vegas massacre; W5 follows the weather warriors.

    44m 42s En

  • Farm Troubles/The Good Fight

    4. Farm Troubles/The Good Fight

    W5 investigates salmon farms in British Columbia; the Canadian boxer who is Floyd Mayweather's secret weapon.

    45m 12s En

  • North by Northwest

    5. North by Northwest

    W5 chronicles a spectacular one of a kind journey through the fabled Northwest Passage.

    44m 59s En

  • 48 Hours

    6. 48 Hours

    Award-winning documentary investigates the fentanyl crisis at Ground Zero in Vancouver.

    45m 16s En

  • Family Ties/GSP: Round 2

    7. Family Ties/GSP: Round 2

    Abandoned at birth, the story of one woman who found a family she never knew; following world champion MMA fighter Georges St.Pierre.

    45m 15s En

  • The Big Thaw/Cuba Revolution

    8. The Big Thaw/Cuba Revolution

    Canada's permafrost is melting, with potential catastrophic results for the entire planet.

    45m 10s En

  • Personal Foul/Border Insecurity

    9. Personal Foul/Border Insecurity

    A beating by police ended Orlando Bowen's CFL career but led to an inspirational message; who is affected by the current NAFTA negotiations?

    45m 30s En

  • 6.12.17 09:04:35/Lightfoot

    10. 6.12.17 09:04:35/Lightfoot

    An exclusive, rare and intimate profile of Canada's songsmith Gordon Lightfoot.

    45m 14s En

  • Con Centre/Electric Pow Wow

    11. Con Centre/Electric Pow Wow

    Scams that prey on unsuspecting Canadians by pretending to be calling from the tax department; Profile of A Tribe Called Red.

    45m 19s En

  • Going for Broke/Kiefer

    12. Going for Broke/Kiefer

    Investigating what’s presented as an investment, but in reality are so-called binary options and; Kiefer Sutherland up close and personal.

    45m 15s En

  • The Girl in the Suitcase/Serena

    13. The Girl in the Suitcase/Serena

    W5 investigates the murder of Melonie Bittersingh, whose death revealed major failings in child welfare.

    45m 4s En

  • Hospital Secrets/Hockey Mom/Space Race

    14. Hospital Secrets/Hockey Mom/Space Race

    The growing problem of addicted health care professionals - who may be stealing the medication you or a loved one need.

    45m 8s En

  • Steel Town Down: Overdose Crisis in the Soo

    15. Steel Town Down: Overdose Crisis in the Soo

    W5-VICE Investigation: The fentanyl epidemic is ravaging smaller towns and cities in Canada like Sault Ste. Marie.

    44m 14s En

  • The Missing/One Team

    16. The Missing/One Team

    W5 investigates Toronto's missing men cases, that have led to multiple murder charges against an alleged serial killer.

    45m 11s En

  • Personal Abuse/Letterkenny

    17. Personal Abuse/Letterkenny

    Investigating personal home care workers: are your loved ones at risk?

    45m 7s En

  • Project Bumper/Five Star Jenn

    18. Project Bumper/Five Star Jenn

    Investigation of auto body repairs reveals inflated charges, work not done and parts not repaired being billed for

    45m 11s En

  • Growing Up Scared/Mesh Misgivings

    19. Growing Up Scared/Mesh Misgivings

    Parents struggle and worry about the future as they and their disabled children get older.

    45m 14s En

  • No Witnesses

    20. No Witnesses

    Internal policies within the Jehovah's Witnesses may be preventing pedophiles and sex offenders from being brought to justice.

    44m 43s En

  • Smoke Rings/For The 17

    21. Smoke Rings/For The 17

    W5 investigates trafficking in illegal tobacco products.

    44m 40s En

  • The Barwin Babies/Pot Pioneer

    22. The Barwin Babies/Pot Pioneer

    W5 tracks down the disgraced fertility doctor accused of secretly using his own sperm to father 11 children.

    45m 11s En

  • Car Trouble/The Big Thaw

    23. Car Trouble/The Big Thaw

    W5 teams up with the APA in our 21st annual investigation of the auto sales industry.

    45m 15s En