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Watts on the Grill

Watts on the Grill

2 Seasons
QC:  8+
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A mouth-watering new series celebrating all things grilled. Beloved Gusto host Spencer Watts (FISH THE DISH) shows viewers how to barbecue like a pro, from sizzling steak, smoked chicken, and steamy seafood, to even flavourful fruit, veg, and breads.

  • PG

  • QC: 8+


  • Lamb Four Ways

    1. Lamb Four Ways

    Rock your next dinner party with some fresh, succulent lamb. Host Spencer Watts shows us how to stuff it, grill it, smoke it, and roast it.

    22m 5s En

  • Sides & Sweets with Heat

    2. Sides & Sweets with Heat

    Host Spencer Watts grills up the perfect sides and treats for your next barbeque.

    22m 5s En

  • Sweet, Salty and Spicy Salsas

    3. Sweet, Salty and Spicy Salsas

    Host Spencer Watts grills up the perfect sweet, salty, and spicy salsas for your next barbeque.

    22m 6s En

  • Barbeque Sides

    4. Barbeque Sides

    Chef Spencer Watts shows how to grill fruits and vegetables like a pro.

    22m 5s En

  • Grilled, Roasted & Charred Chicken

    5. Grilled, Roasted & Charred Chicken

    Chef Spencer Watts creates four irresistible chicken recipes.

    22m 6s En

  • A Barbeque Classic: Ribs

    6. A Barbeque Classic: Ribs

    Grill master Spencer Watts shows four classic ways to barbeque ribs!

    22m 6s En

  • Delicious Grilled Shellfish

    7. Delicious Grilled Shellfish

    Spencer grills up four easy shellfish dishes.

    22m 5s En

  • Barbeque Sauces

    8. Barbeque Sauces

    Spencer prepares barbeque sauce recipes.

    22m 5s En

  • Bananas for Barbeque

    9. Bananas for Barbeque

    Spencer offers tips and tricks for preparing barbeque treats.

    22m 6s En

  • Pork was Made for Barbeques

    10. Pork was Made for Barbeques

    Spencer shares four of his favourite pork recipes.

    22m 6s En

  • Fish on the Grill

    11. Fish on the Grill

    Chef Spencer Watts shares delightful fish dishes.

    22m 6s En

  • Beef-a-palooza

    12. Beef-a-palooza

    Spencer hosts a beef-a-palooza with four beef cuts, including smoked brisket and beef tenderloin.

    22m 6s En

  • Foul Play

    13. Foul Play

    Spencer demonstrates the best ways to grill duck, turkey, capon, and quail.

    22m 5s En