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Where To I Do?

Where To I Do?

3 Seasons
QC:  8+
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  • CRAVE ( En, Fr )
Couples get help choosing their perfect wedding venue by touring three locations and seeing the potential of each one.
Romance, Reality

  • PG

  • QC: 8+


  • Tamara & Paul

    1. Tamara & Paul

    Tommy sets out to satisfy the wish list of a rave-loving groom and a whimsical, romantic bride.

    23m 32s EnFr

  • Kayla & Leroy

    2. Kayla & Leroy

    Tommy tries to bring together Kayla's vision with Leroy's idea.

    23m 33s EnFr

  • Sora & Vireak

    3. Sora & Vireak

    Tommy searches for a downtown venue that will help a couple forget about having a city hall wedding.

    23m 33s EnFr

  • Ezne & Hannes

    4. Ezne & Hannes

    Tommy heads to the country with a young couple in search of the perfect country barn wedding venue.

    23m 32s EnFr

  • Maria & Nato

    5. Maria & Nato

    Tommy searches for a historical venue with a sense of old-world romance for two busy doctors.

    23m 31s EnFr

  • Katie & Gerry

    6. Katie & Gerry

    Tommy must get creative to help foodies Katie and Gerry find the perfect city venue on their tight budget.

    23m 32s EnFr

  • Sarah & Dave

    7. Sarah & Dave

    A confused bride has many themes in mind. Will Tommy be able to narrow down her vision to find the perfect place?

    23m 33s EnFr

  • Shenette & Jimmy

    8. Shenette & Jimmy

    With an unlimited budget, will Tommy be able to land a venue glamourous enough for this picky couple?

    23m 32s EnFr