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Wrong Man

Wrong Man

1 Season
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Filmmaker Joe Berlinger explores the criminal investigations that led to the conviction of three people who claim they are innocent.
Crime, Reality, Documentary

  • 14+
  • Violence
  • Mature Themes


  • Evaristo Salas: The Letter

    1. Evaristo Salas: The Letter

    A team investigates whether Evaristo Salas was brought to justice or railroaded by the system.

    53m 11s

  • Evaristo Salas: The Informant

    2. Evaristo Salas: The Informant

    The team is shocked by what they learn from the informant on the Salas case.

    53m 42s

  • Curtis Flowers: Trial and Error

    3. Curtis Flowers: Trial and Error

    Curtis Flowers faces a possible seventh trial, while maintaining his innocence.

    58m 55s

  • Curtis Flowers: Death Again

    4. Curtis Flowers: Death Again

    After 21 years of prosecutions, is it possible to determine Curtis Flowers' guilt or innocence?

    52m 18s

  • Christopher Tapp: The Confession

    5. Christopher Tapp: The Confession

    Experts examine Christopher Tapp's claim that he was coerced into a false confession.

    55m 24s

  • Christopher Tapp: Flawed Freedom

    6. Christopher Tapp: Flawed Freedom

    Our team looks for a killer on the loose, hoping to exonerate the man in prison for the crime.

    52m 16s

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Wrong Man Season 1 Trailer

Wrong Man Season 1 Trailer

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