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Yukon Men

Yukon Men

3 Seasons
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The stakes are high in Tanana, Alaska, and to defy the odds, to survive and to battle the harsh Alaskan wilderness, these Yukon Men must overcome obstacles, stick together and prevail.

  • 14+
  • Mature Themes


  • Hunt or Starve

    1. Hunt or Starve

    Stan Zuray and his son try to replenish Tanana's dwindling meat supply; a wolf terrorizes the town.

    41m 7s

  • The Race for Fur

    2. The Race for Fur

    As the season winds to an end the men race the clock to collect as much fur as possible.

    42m 43s

  • Going for Broke

    3. Going for Broke

    Charlie and Bob rush the river before it melts to trap beaver; Stan and Joe encounter a bear.

    42m 43s

  • On Thin Ice

    4. On Thin Ice

    Tanana stocks up on food during goose-hunting season; Stan and Joey race to bag the first goose.

    41m 6s

  • Tragic Spring

    5. Tragic Spring

    The rivers around Tanana become treacherous; Charlie's brother-in-law, George, goes missing.

    41m 15s

  • Man Up, Move Out

    6. Man Up, Move Out

    Joey Zuray is ready to venture out on his own; Charlie goes on the hunt for a deadly black bear.

    41m 5s

  • Logjam

    7. Logjam

    Its driftwood logging season and there's a brief window to harvest the firewood out of the rivers.

    41m 38s

  • Wheel of Misfortune

    8. Wheel of Misfortune

    The people of Tanana rush to stock up on salmon for the winter.

    42m 45s

  • Last Chance, Part 1

    9. Last Chance, Part 1

    The villagers of Tanana have just 18 hours to get a year's worth of king salmon.

    42m 7s

  • Last Chance, Part 2

    10. Last Chance, Part 2

    The villagers of Tanana have just 18 hours to get a year's worth of king salmon.

    44m 54s