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Zig & Sharko

Zig & Sharko

1 Season
QC:  8+
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  • CRAVE ( En )
Ever try jet skiing on roller skates? Shark hunting with a toothpick? Surfing on a tsunami? All that so you could have fresh mermaid for dinner? Welcome to Zig & Sharko, Xilam’s wacky new slapstick series! A pretty little mermaid perched on a rock in the deep blue sea. A starving hyena on the island next door. And between them, a peaceful lagoon. Well not that peaceful… Because a shark lives there and he is madly in love with the young mermaid. Zig, with the help of his side-kick crab buddy, Bernie, will do anything to get his paws on Marina, the mermaid. Sharko will do anything to stop him. Together, their high-speed antics and non-stop brawling will have you gasping for air!
Animation, Kids

  • C8

  • QC: 8+


  • What a day!

    1. What a day!

    Marina settles on the beach! Zig is overjoyed...but his prey is not alone: Sharko and all her aquatic friends have come with her!

    22m 20s En

  • Father in law

    2. Father in law

    Poseidon comes to visit his daughter. Sharko is under pressure to make a good impression.

    21m 41s En

  • Zig Airlines

    3. Zig Airlines

    Zig and Bernie have patched up the cargo plane and pretend it can still fly.

    22m 4s En

  • End of the World

    4. End of the World

    A meteorite is headed toward Earth! Panic reigns on the beach, but Zig refuses to die before he eats the mermaid!

    22m 9s En

  • Bad Hair Day

    5. Bad Hair Day

    Zig uses a fake moustache to approach Marina.

    22m 7s En

  • The Conquistador

    6. The Conquistador

    While Zig and Sharko are busy fighting, a conquistador, fresh off his galleon, shows up on the beach.

    22m 4s En

  • A Whistle for Sharko

    7. A Whistle for Sharko

    To neutralize Sharko and catch the mermaid, Zig and Bernie offer him the perfect lifeguard's kit with a golden board and whistle!

    22m 6s En

  • The Master of the Volcano

    8. The Master of the Volcano

    Marina has a new suitor, which neither Zig nor Sharko appreciate. And neither does Marina.

    22m 10s En

  • A Sweet Tooth

    9. A Sweet Tooth

    Marina is crazy for candy! Zig has found the ideal bait to lure her into his clutches!

    22m 8s En

  • Self Defense Academy

    10. Self Defense Academy

    Three mermaids show up on the beach to take self-defense lessons with Sharko.

    22m 13s En

  • Lousy Beach Drivers

    11. Lousy Beach Drivers

    Sharko has a romantic idea: he and Marina will drive in a luxurious car and picnic alone.

    22m 12s En

  • Bosom Buddies

    12. Bosom Buddies

    Why are the hyena and the hermit crab such good friends? It turns out that in the past a would-be "mama" raised them side by side...

    22m 22s En

  • Tourists

    13. Tourists

    A couple of tourists show up on the beach.

    22m 21s En

  • Buzzing Around

    14. Buzzing Around

    Marina is in her castle. Everything is calm and luxurious until an annoying fly spoils the atmosphere.

    22m 17s En

  • The Invader

    15. The Invader

    An alien shows up on the beach. His mission: capture Marina incognito.

    22m 19s En

  • Daddy Little Doggy

    16. Daddy Little Doggy

    Marina wants a dog and then Zig comes along!

    22m 15s En

  • High on the Mountain Top

    17. High on the Mountain Top

    Marina’s new obsession? Climb to the top of the volcano!

    22m 16s En

  • Movie Night

    18. Movie Night

    Sharko has an idea for a romantic moment with Marina: “let’s watch a DVD”.

    22m 14s En

  • That Sinking Feeling

    19. That Sinking Feeling

    During a chase, Zig, Sharko and Marina sink into the earth’s depths.

    22m 20s En

  • An Evil Panda

    20. An Evil Panda

    Hades is determined to attract the mermaid yet again. But he’s just not her type…

    22m 15s En

  • A Three Pronged Disaster

    21. A Three Pronged Disaster

    Marina thinks she’s getting her very own magic trident from her dad on her birthday.

    22m 21s En

  • Red Light, Green Light

    22. Red Light, Green Light

    Sharko wins a game of Red light, Green light.

    22m 12s En

  • Miss Beach

    23. Miss Beach

    A beauty contest takes place on the beach. Sharko dreams of seeing Marina win the crown!

    22m 17s En

  • Front Runner

    24. Front Runner

    A plane flies above the wreck and loses its own cargo… ponies! Wow!

    22m 1s En

  • DIY Sharko & Invisible Zig

    25. DIY Sharko & Invisible Zig

    Marina spots a crack in a castle wall. Sharko gives it a professional tap, the crack widens and the wall collapses… on Zig.

    22m 16s En

  • The Proposal

    26. The Proposal

    After finding a lovely ring on the beach, Sharko decides to declare his love to Marina.

    22m 12s En