Get Smart
Get Smart

Get Smart

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AVAILABLE UNTIL JANUARY 31. When members of the nefarious crime syndicate KAOS attack the U.S. spy agency Control, the Chief has to promote his eager analyst Maxwell Smart to field agent. Smart, partnered with veteran Agent 99, blends inexperience, enthusiasm and ineptitude as he works to thwart a world-domination plot hatched by the wily KAOS chief, Siegfried.
Action, Comédie


Cotes de maturité

  • Réalisateur

    • Peter Segal
  • Producteurs

    • Peter Segal
    • Andrew Lazar
    • Michael Ewing
    • Steve Carell
    • Brent O'Connor
    • Jimmy Miller
  • Acteurs

    • Steve Carell
    • Anne Hathaway
    • Dwayne Johnson
    • Alan Arkin
    • Terence Stamp
    • Terry Crews
    • David Koechner
    • James Caan
    • Bill Murray
    • Patrick Warburton
    • Masi Oka
    • Nate Torrence
    • Ken Davitian
    • David S. Lee
    • Dalip Singh
  • Scénaristes

    • Peter Segal
    • Tom J. Astle
    • Matt Ember

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Get Smart
Get Smart

Get Smart

A highly intellectual but socially awkward spy is tasked with preventing a terrorist attack.

1h 49m 53s