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A Is For Apple

A Is For Apple

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QC:  8+
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  • CRAVE ( An )
A chef randomly picks a letter of the alphabet and goes shopping for two very different ingredients that start with that letter (apples and anchovies, bananas and bacon, chicken and chocolate). They then create mouthwatering dishes for each and then come up with one crazy but delicious mash-up dish that features both ingredients!
Cuisine, Télé-réalité, Bouffe

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  • QC: 8+


  • Lamb & Licorice

    1. Lamb & Licorice

    After picking the letter "L," Chef Robert Jewell takes on lamb and licorice in this ingredient challenge.

    22m 5s An

  • Mango & Mustard

    2. Mango & Mustard

    Upbeat host Theresa Visintin has a task on her hands with this "M" challenge. Her ingredients of choice? Mango and mustard.

    22m 5s An

  • Endive & Eggplant

    3. Endive & Eggplant

    Showcasing the unique flavours of endive and eggplant, Chef Lauren Gulyas receives the letter "E" for her cooking challenge.

    22m 6s An

  • Shrimp & Sausage

    4. Shrimp & Sausage

    It's all about the letter "S" as Chef Robert Jewell cooks up tasty meals using shrimp and sausage

    22m 6s An

  • Radicchio & Raisins

    5. Radicchio & Raisins

    Host Theresa Visintin creates savoury meals in this letter "R" challenge featuring radicchios and raisins.

    22m 5s An

  • Chicken & Corn

    6. Chicken & Corn

    Chef Lauren Gulyas prepares one of her favourite Italian dishes, chicken Marsala.

    22m 5s An

  • Avocados & Apricots

    7. Avocados & Apricots

    "A" is on the menu and Chef Robert Jewell takes on this meal challenge with apricots and avocados.

    22m 5s An

  • Cheese & Chocolate

    8. Cheese & Chocolate

    Cheese or chocolate? Why not both. In this "C" challenge, host Theresa Visintin takes on both decadent ingredients.

    22m 6s An

  • Halibut & Horseradish

    9. Halibut & Horseradish

    In this "H" challenge, Chef Lauren Gulyas decides to take on the unique flavours of halibut and horseradish.

    22m 5s An

  • Kaffir Lime & Kohlrabi

    10. Kaffir Lime & Kohlrabi

    Chef Robert Jewell has a challenge on his hands after picking the letter "K." He decides to use ingredients kaffir lime and kohlrabi.

    22m 6s An

  • Beef & Buttermilk

    11. Beef & Buttermilk

    Culinary expert Theresa Visintin picks the letter "B" and must combine beef with buttermilk for her challenge.

    22m 6s An

  • Pork & Peanuts

    12. Pork & Peanuts

    Chef Lauren Gulyas serves up an old school favourite, smothered pork chops.

    22m 5s An

  • Tea & Turkey

    13. Tea & Turkey

    Tea & turkey sounds like Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house, but that’s not the case when Chef Robert Jewell gets his hands on the ingredients

    22m 6s An

  • Dill & Duck

    14. Dill & Duck

    Host Theresa Visintin picks the letter “D” and comes up with a creative mashup of dill and duck.

    22m 6s An

  • Nectarines & Noodles

    15. Nectarines & Noodles

    Chef Lauren Gulyas takes on noodles and nectarines in an extraordinary and imaginative recipe.

    22m 5s An

  • Coconut & Crab

    16. Coconut & Crab

    Chef Robert Jewell blows us away with a dish that combines coconut AND crab.

    22m 6s An

  • Garbanzo Beans & Grapefruit

    17. Garbanzo Beans & Grapefruit

    Host Theresa Visintin combines garbanzo beans and grapefruit into a mouth-watering dish.

    22m 6s An

  • Rice & Rosemary

    18. Rice & Rosemary

    Lauren Gulyas cooks with rice and rosemary. Her combination of the two is a match made in heaven.

    22m 7s An

  • Okra & Oats

    19. Okra & Oats

    Combine oats and okra into a single dish. What do you get? Chef Robert Jewell has a delicious idea!

    22m 5s An

  • Scallops & Sesame

    20. Scallops & Sesame

    Host Theresa Visintin cooks up savoury recipes using scallops and sesame.

    22m 6s An

  • Maple Syrup & Mahi Mahi

    21. Maple Syrup & Mahi Mahi

    Chef Lauren Gulyas decides to make meal magic by fusing the flavours of maple and Mahi-mahi.

    22m 5s An

  • Pecans & Peppers

    22. Pecans & Peppers

    Chef Robert Jewell shows us vegetarian AND meat recipes in this challenge using pecans and peppers.

    22m 5s An

  • Tuna & Tangerine

    23. Tuna & Tangerine

    Host Theresa Visintin creates a delightful dish using the unlikely combination of tuna and tangerine.

    22m 5s An

  • Water Chesnut & Watercress

    24. Water Chesnut & Watercress

    Water chestnut and watercress are the star players in this extra challenging "W" episode.

    22m 5s An

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