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Almost Naked Animals

Almost Naked Animals

1 Saison
QC:  8+
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  • CRAVE ( An )
Howie, le chef de l'hôtel Banana Cabana, a la chance de compter sur l'aide de ses employés, des animaux rasés de très près qui se baladent en sous-vêtements, pour garder les choses sous contrôle. Dans la bande, on retrouve Octo, un employé de bureau très très stressé, Bunny, la charmante directrice des activités et enfin Duck, le concierge.
Animation, Jeunesse

  • PG

  • QC: 8+


  • The Rotation Situation

    1. The Rotation Situation

    Duck speeds up the rotation of the earth so Howie’s birthday will arrive sooner – and makes everyone old!

    11m 5s An

  • The Tail of Howie

    2. The Tail of Howie

    Howie sets out to re-accomplish everything he’s ever accomplished… in just one afternoon.

    11m 5s An

  • The Big Burp Theory

    3. The Big Burp Theory

    Howie tries not to unleash the world’s nastiest burp during his royal thighness Chicken A La King’s visit!

    11m 4s An

  • Who’s Howie?

    4. Who’s Howie?

    After Howie bonks his head and forgets who he is, his pals realize this is their chance to reprogram him.

    11m 5s An

  • Inane in the Brain

    5. Inane in the Brain

    Using Duck’s latest invention, Octo and Bunny venture inside Howie’s brain to retrieve a lost password.

    11m 5s An

  • Laugh Piggy Laugh

    6. Laugh Piggy Laugh

    Howie and his pals have to help Piggy regain his sense of humour – before he loses it forever.

    11m 5s An

  • Picture Day

    7. Picture Day

    Howie tries to find an exciting part-time job so he can be on his favourite TV show ‘Hired Hounds.’

    11m 4s An

  • Part Timer

    8. Part Timer

    Howie tries to help the gang prepare for Staff Picture Day – with disastrous results.

    11m 4s An

  • Howie’s Allergy

    9. Howie’s Allergy

    Howie and Octo find a one-of-a-kind Dirk Danger action figure, and disagree about what to do with it.

    11m 4s An

  • Figure Fight

    10. Figure Fight

    When Howie is forced to give up sugar, he suddenly becomes a successful stunter and brainiac.

    11m 4s An

  • Mini Howies

    11. Mini Howies

    Duck gives Howie a batch of mini-Howies – who then go on a rampage with Duck’s mini-Ducks.

    11m 4s An

  • Dear Dirk

    12. Dear Dirk

    Howie gets the job of answering Dirk’s mail, and makes a promise to a fan that Dirk can’t possibly fulfill!

    11m 5s An

  • These Sleeps Were Made For Walkin’

    13. These Sleeps Were Made For Walkin’

    Octo competes in a sleepwalking tournament to try to win a fancy new bunk bed.

    11m 5s An

  • The Best Friends Synchronised Dance Competition

    14. The Best Friends Synchronised Dance Competition

    A fortune cookie tells Octo and Howie that they need to find new best friends or disaster will befall them.

    11m 5s An

  • Don’t Follow The Leader

    15. Don’t Follow The Leader

    Piggy reluctantly helps Howie and Octo finally win a role-playing game of Dirks and Dragons.

    11m 4s An

  • The Snow-tel

    16. The Snow-tel

    When the Banana Cabana fills with snow, Batty invokes the Penguin Clause and tries to take over the hotel.

    11m 4s An

  • Luck Be A Robot

    17. Luck Be A Robot

    Howie convinces Bunny to be his lucky charm for the Robot Ruckus tournament.

    11m 5s An

  • Family Business

    18. Family Business

    Poodle and Howie have to run a successful business together for one day – or lose their hotels.

    11m 4s An

  • No Howie’s Allowed

    19. No Howie’s Allowed

    Howie tries to do enough good deeds to convince the mayor he’s worthy of his own special day.

    11m 4s An

  • Howie Day

    20. Howie Day

    Octo, Piggy and Narwhal try to keep an overly-excited Howie from ruining Bunny’s sleepover.

    11m 5s An

  • Sun Scream

    21. Sun Scream

    A bad batch of sun-screen makes everyone’s biggest fears come true.

    11m 4s An

  • It’s Duck’s Party

    22. It’s Duck’s Party

    Narwhal has to keep Howie and the others from sneaking into Duck’s very exclusive party.

    11m 4s An

  • Father’s Day

    23. Father’s Day

    When Dirk Danger gives up stunting to become a chef, Piggy is chosen to be the next big action movie star.

    11m 4s An

  • Hambo 1: Galactic Super Swine of the Wild West

    24. Hambo 1: Galactic Super Swine of the Wild West

    Duck finds an egg. Thinking it must be his, he excitedly prepares for fatherhood.

    11m 3s An

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